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Payroll and recruitment process

The bi-weekly pay period begins on Monday and ends on the second Sunday. The pay day for each bi-weekly pay period occurs the Friday following the end of the pay period. Specific dates for each pay period can be found by viewing the Payroll Calendars online. General information, processes and more can be found on the ASU Payroll page.

Wages paid to a student employee through the payroll system are subject to federal income tax, state income tax, and FICA (Social Security and Medicare) withholdings. Federal and state taxes are dependent on the student's gross income and how the student files their W-4 and A-4 forms. The number of credit hours a student is enrolled for at the end of the drop/add period determines whether or not FICA tax is withheld. For information on credit hours requirement, please visit

Recruiting for regular faculty, academic professional and postdoctoral positions are handled through the VP Office, for additional information please contact VP Office Human Resources. 

Classified and Service Professional positions can be recruited for and hired through a competitive process or through a waiver. Information on the approvals and processes for each of these is described below.

Competitive recruitment/ Waiver of recruitment

A competitive recruitment is when a position is posted on the ASU website and the candidate is selected through the posting. A waiver of recruitment is when a candidate is waived into a position without it being posted on the ASU website.

Approvals – To replace a position that is vacant or where the current incumbent is leaving, Dean’s approval is needed to post the current or reclassified position. To post a position that is newly created, both Dean and Provost level approval is required (grant funded positions may require additional approvals)


  1. Unit submits EOSS Personnel Action Request (EPAR) form via DocuSign (justification, classification, funding, etc.)
  2. Budget is updated and HR Log is filled out with requested information
  3. If Applicable: Position is updated and marked Ready for Recruitment
  4. Upon approval, unit posts position for a minimum of five working days
  5. Unit will follow BrassRing Table of Contents to completed recruitment process: here
  6. If the offer to the candidate is over a 20% increase, the unit will submit an HR PAR Exception form in DocuSign.
  7. Unit will update the Budget/HR Log with updated information of employee and salary.
  8. Unit will begin the Onboarding process

Postings for hourly student worker or stipend positions are required to fill or create a student worker position (excludes Grad Asst, Grad Assoc, GSA positions). 

Approvals – Hiring Manager/Supervisor (grant funded positions may require additional approvals)


  1. Consult with Units internal Fiscal and Business Services Team-HR on needs and provide posting information (duties, qualifications, funding).
  2. EOSS Fiscal and Business Services Team-HR will post job on Student Employment website for a minimum of three days.
  3. Unit will follow BrassRing Table of Contents to completed recruitment process:here
  4. Unit will update the Budget with updated information of employee salary.
  5. Unit will begin the Onboarding process

Open recruitments for faculty associates on a semester appointment or graduate assistants are not required. The EOSS Fiscal and Business Services Team-HR team will send out information prior to the start of each semester for hiring these individuals on. The process outlined below can be used for hires at any point in the year and not just for the hires processed at the start of the semester.

Approvals – Director (grant funded positions may require additional approvals)


  1. Unit obtains offer letter template from EOSS Fiscal and Business Services Team-HR.
  2. Unit completes offer letter and forwards copy to individual for acceptance.
  3. Unit sends a copy of accepted offer letter to EOSS Fiscal and Business Services Team-HR and confirms funding for position (if known).
  4. EOSS Fiscal and Business Services Team-HR will contact individual for New Hire Paperwork if necessary and process hire.

Departments are required to obtain approval for any employees that are hired and who physically work out of the state of Arizona. These employees are subject to all employment-related laws of the state in which they work. Financial Services must be informed in advance of potential work arrangements outside of Arizona to be fully compliant with all state reporting, taxation, and employment regulations. An administrative fee is assessed to departments that hire out-of-state employees to help defer the administrative costs related to reporting requirements. Financial Services will charge departments a $50 quarterly fee for each out-of-state employee. The EOSS Fiscal and Business Services Team-HR will assist units in requesting approval.

Approvals – Vice Provost


  1. HR BOM notifies unit of requirement (if necessary).
  2. Unit completes Approval for Out-of-State Employee form and submits to HR BOM.  
  3. HR BOM sends form to Vice Provost Office for approval.
  4. Approved form forwarded to Financial Services
  5. Unit will be charged quarterly to specified account until employee relocated to Arizona or terminates.

Time & leave reporting

All hours worked or leave taken must be submitted each pay period in a timely manner to ensure an employee’s paycheck is correct. Any hours not submitted or approved by the second Friday at 12:00 p.m. may not be paid in a timely manner. The EOSS Fiscal and Business Services Team HR will approve all hours for payment by 12:00 p.m. the Monday following the end of the pay period.

Time and leave reporting responsibilities

Employee hourly: Responsible for reporting hours worked in TAS and My ASU

Employee salaried: Responsible for reporting hours taken off (Sick, Vac) ONLY in TAS and My ASU

Supervisor: Responsible for approving all hours worked/taken in TAS

Department Time Administrator: Responsible for approving all hours approved by supervisor in PeopleSoft

Time entered in both TAS and My ASU must match. Any discrepancies may delay the payroll process.


TAS/Time and leave reporting instructions for employees

  1. Go to

  2. Log in using your ASURITE login.

  3. Select New Request.

  4. Select the Type as appropriate using the information below:
    Hourly Employees: will need to submit a request for each day worked when they have hours to report. Classified staff and Service professionals who are hourly and accrue leave will also need to report any vacation, sick, or holiday time.
    Salaried Employees: will only put in exception time, such as vacation, sick, etc. 

  5. Select your date on the From and To areas. Put in the amount of hours in the Hours box.  Please submit by day and not by date range.  

  6. When you have finished, simply select the Submit button – you will see a pop up that asks “Submit leave request?” please select OK. You will be able to see on this same screen if your time is approved. Your submission will automatically generate an email that is sent to your supervisor/approver that your time is submitted and ready for approval.

  7. Go to My ASU ( and log in using your ASURITE login.

  8. In the Employee Info view, go to My Employment > Time > Time and Leave Reporting.

  9. Switch to View by “Time Period”.

  10. Enter your total # of hours for each day and select the appropriate Time Reporting Code from the drop-down menu.

  11. Press Submit and then OK in the pop-up box. You should then see a list of the hours you reported.


Time and Leave Approval Instructions for Supervisors

  1. Go to

  2. Log in using your ASURITE login.

  3. Select the Staff Requests tab.

  4. Select the row for the employee whose time you are approving. The Time Request Approval window will appear. Click on Approve if the hours submitted are correct. If the hours are incorrect, you can click on Deny or advise the employee to correct the hours and resubmit.

  5. Click on Yes in the Confirmation window. The employee’s hours will no longer be listed under submitted hours.

TIP: To review previously approved/not approved hours, click on the Approved or Not Approved links on the left side of the screen in the Staff Requests box.

Late Time Entry/Approval

Any hours that were not submitted by the employee or approved by the supervisor before the deadline may not be included on the employee’s paycheck. When this occurs, the employee or supervisor will need to contact a Business Services HR team member to notify them of the late submission. The team member will work with the employee or supervisor to have the hours processed. If all deadlines have passed, the missed hours will be added to the employee’s check for the next pay period.

Most commonly used codes