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Educational Outreach and Student Services

Make the most of your Sun Devil life

Sun Devil life is about connections, traditions and lessons that make your time at ASU unforgettable. EOSS is committed to continuing to support all current and future students during this time of remote learning and virtual engagement opportunities. Learn more

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ASU Downtown Phoenix Undergraduate Student Government President Nora Thompson at Old Main

Meet the student government president of ASU Downtown Phoenix: Nora Thompson

ASU's Downtown Phoenix student body president was motivated to get started in student government because of her experience as a transfer student.

ASU TEMPEtations a capella group

ASU TEMPEtations share their voices from home at this year’s CultureFest

Because of the pandemic, the TEMPEtations a cappella group haven’t been able to sing together in person for a long time, but these artists have still managed to keep busy and creative.

ASU Tempe student government 2020-21 president Jacqueline Palmer in front of Old Main

Meet the student government president of ASU Tempe: Jacqueline Palmer

The Tempe Undergraduate Student Government president is working to improve communication and raise awareness about student services.

Supporting student success K–12 to college

ASU serves as a catalyst for change, transforming Arizona's college-going culture by empowering students to invest in their future and attain a university degree. Educational Outreach and Student Services is committed to providing access to excellence for all Arizonans by helping students prepare for college and supporting them from kindergarten through to college completion.

Arizona coalition focuses on inspiring young men in higher education

Access ASU

Coalition focuses on inspiring young men in higher ed

The Omega Youth Leadership Academy is a mentoring program that empowers middle and high school males of color to further their academic, professional and interpersonal success.

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Digital summer school students feel ready for the fall

ASU Prep

Digital summer school students ready for fall

The thousands of students who took the summer to delve into adaptive math, engineering, literature and more through ASU Prep Digital feel prepared for any learning methods.

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What ASU Instagram accounts you should be following for virtual events

Student Services

Virtual activities for the Sun Devil community

While staying socially distanced, Sun Devils still have access to great, regular virtual activities geared just for the ASU community.

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