Educational Outreach & Student Services

Educational Outreach and Student Services

Arizona State University’s Educational Outreach and Student Services (EOSS) provides an array of comprehensive student services to support all current ASU students and the broader student community via our outreach programs. Our initiatives in access, student services and ASU Preparatory Academy charter schools are rooted in ASU’s commitment to access, excellence and impact.

Serving our Sun Devils
We provide the ASU student community with support services, involvement opportunities and a rich Sun Devil experience to help them achieve their personal and academic goals. To get the most out of the ASU experience, we encourage students to take advantage of all that is available and become involved with activities that will prepare them for academic, personal and career success. We are here to support each student every step of the way. Members of the ASU community aspire to live the Sun Devil Way, resulting in a community that exemplifies achievement, engagement and responsibility.

Educational Outreach to the broader community
Access ASU and ASU Preparatory Academies serve as catalysts for change transforming Arizona's college-going culture by empowering students to invest in their future and attain a university degree. The EOSS outreach team is committed to providing access to excellence for all Arizonans by helping students prepare for college and supporting them from Kindergarten through to college completion.


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Changemaker Central

Inspire, catalyze and sustain social change with like-minded students. Changemaker Central promotes a culture that tackles local and global challenges through collaboration, innovation and diverse approaches to problem-solving.




Me3 is an interactive online game that helps students choose a college major or potential career.


Future Sun Devil Families participants

Future Sun Devil Families

Future Sun Devil Family Day (FSDF) allows students and parents to experience a university campus, talk to current college students and learn the benefits of pursuing higher education. Through a series of fun, interactive workshops, FSDF Day presenters address topics like financial aid, admission and how high school students can prepare to succeed in college.