Student Code of Conduct

The aim of education is the intellectual, personal, social, and ethical development of the individual. The educational process is ideally conducted in an environment that encourages reasoned discourse, intellectual honesty, openness to constructive change, and respect for the rights of all individuals. Self -discipline and a respect for the rights of others in the university community are necessary for the fulfillment of such goals. The Student Code of Conduct is designed to promote this environment at Arizona State University.

The Student Code of Conduct sets forth the standards of conduct expected of students who choose to join the university community. Students who violate these standards will be subject to disciplinary sanctions in order to promote their own personal development, to protect the university community, and to maintain order and stability on campus.

All Students are expected to adhere to the ABOR Student Code of Conduct.

ABOR Student Code of Conduct
Student Code of Conduct Procedures (for cases opened September 25, 2018-August 13, 2020)
Student Code of Conduct Procedures (for conduct that occurs on or after August 14, 2020)