Welcome to the ASU Family

Engagement, resources and community for your entire Sun Devil Family

ASU Family is deeply committed to providing your Sun Devil every opportunity for success and growth throughout their ASU experience. We are eager to partner with you in this endeavor — providing resources, education programs and opportunities to connect you and your Sun Devil with other families and the wide array of experiences available at ASU including Sun Devil Athletics, lecture series, continuing education and K-12 programs, arts and cultural performances and much more.


Whether you’re looking to learn about resources to help support your Sun Devil’s success or to enhance your own lifelong learning journey, ASU Family is here for you.



We invite you to enjoy your own experience alongside your Sun Devil. Our engagement opportunities will help you learn how to support your student’s experience, meet other families and connect with university staff as you build a strong ASU family community.



As a family member, you will likely need assistance as you and your Sun Devil continue your journey at ASU. Stay connected with us to get the latest news and updates, and feel free to reach out to us whenever you have a question.