Student Services

Student Services

More than $1.4 billion in student service facilities over the last 10 years.

Educational Outreach and Student Services has two overarching goals: to provide timely and responsive service to students and to create an optimum environment for learning.

Three operating principles inform routine decision making and guide daily interaction with students.

Achievement: Academic success and personal growth for each student.

Engagement: Intentional and meaningful opportunities for student engagement, involvement and participation in the broader university community.

Responsibility: Structured opportunities for values driven decision-making and experiences that reinforce self-discipline and a developed sense of civic responsibility.

Key learning outcomes that support the core objectives are:

  • Students will excel and succeed academically.
  • Students will experience and understand the intersection of academic and co-curricular life through the residential college model.
  • Students will access support systems to enhance their individual success.
  • Students will be involved with faculty outside of the classroom environment (undergraduate research, service learning).
  • Students will apply their education and co-curricular experience in professional settings and experiences (internships, co-ops).
  • Students will be engaged, educated, and empowered to influence their lifelong career development and professional ambitions.
  • Students take responsibility for their own success and contribute to the success of others.
  • Students will be involved in civic engagement and community based experiences.
  • Students will participate in the intellectual life of the university (lectures, debates, competitions).