Sun Devil Civility

Student-led and staff supported, Sun Devil Civility provides students, faculty and staff with the tools to build an inclusive campus culture rooted in civil dialogue and action through workshops, programs and social media initiatives.

Workshops are available upon request for groups of eight or more, up to 150. We have presented in Residence Halls, Classrooms, Conference Rooms, and auditoriums.


Sun Devil Civility Workshops

Tues., April 65 p.m.Same Spaces, Different Faces
Weds., April 74 p.m.Navigating the Rainbow of Inclusion
Mon., April 123 p.m.Growing our Spaces
Weds., April 144 p.m. Everyday Sexism
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Sun Devil Civility Coordinators

Alina Hoff

Alina Hoff
Chandler, AZ
Hey everyone! My name is Alina Hoff (she/her pronouns), and I’m a sophomore studying Psychology and Sociology at the Tempe campus. My goals are to go to graduate school for Behavioral Psychology and work in therapy. I work as a Sun Devil Civility facilitator and a first-year orientation leader at ASU. Some of my favorite activities include exercising, making smoothie bowls, and creating Spotify playlists for every occasion (even going to the grocery store).

Andrea Nazareno

Andrea Nazareno
Scottsdale, AZ
Hey y’all, I’m Andrea (she/her pronouns)! I’m currently studying Psychology and Speech & Hearing Science at the Tempe campus of ASU. Some of my career goals are to get my master’s in Communication Disorders and become a Speech Therapist. Some of my hobbies include embroidery, traveling, baking, SCUBA diving, and listening to new music. I’m also part of Barrett, the Honors College, Gold Guides, Swift Youth Club, and I’m a research assistant for the Autism and Brain Aging Laboratory.

Ashley Auchincloss

Ashley Auchincloss
Tucson, AZ
Hi! My name is Ashley Auchincloss (she/her pronouns)! I am a senior studying theatre design and production with a minor in mathematics at the Tempe campus. I want to work in live entertainment or theme park entertainment, or really anything that brings people joy. My hobbies include playing Mario Kart with my friends and building things out of wood and metal such as a spice shelf for my kitchen. My favorite SDC workshop is Navigating the Rainbow!


Daniel Kelly

Daniel Kelly
Scottsdale, AZ
Hello! My name is Daniel Kelly (he/him pronouns), and I attend ASU on the Tempe campus where I study biomedical sciences. This past year I’ve had the opportunity to focus more on computational genomics and am currently in a lab that works with high-throughput sequencing. I also work as a tour guide with Devils’ Advocates, a treasurer for A Buncha Book Artists (ABBA), and a member of Student Admissions Relations Team (START).

Evanna Rouhani
Marana, AZ
My name is Evanna (she/her pronouns). I am from Marana, Arizona but am now living in beautiful Tempe, Arizona as ASU’s Tempe campus! I am a senior this year, double majoring in Global Studies and Justice Studies with a minor in Arabic. After finishing my undergraduate degree, I am hoping to go into law school and learn more about how to support my community through my chosen career. In my free time I love to care for my plants, buy books (and sometimes read them), and grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s. I am excited to get to know you all at our next SDC workshop!

Gregory Carnesi

Gregory Carnesi
Cave Creek, AZ
Hi everyone! My name is Gregory (he/him pronouns). I’m a junior majoring in psychology and also pursuing a minor in philosophy and a certificate in cross-sector leadership on the Tempe campus. After my undergraduate studies I’m looking to pursue an MPH and work in the field of mental health. Some hobbies of mine are reading, listening to music, and besides Sun Devil Civility, I’m also involved with Active Minds at ASU, Devil4Devils, and the Student Organizations and Leadership department.


Hasti Asrari
Gilbert, AZ
Hello!! My name is Hasti Asrari (she/her pronouns) and I am a sophomore at ASU West Campus majoring in Biology with two certificates in Biomedical Research and Computational Life Sciences. The wonder of scientific discovery has led me to want to pursue a Ph.D. in Microbiology to become a research scientist in the future. Besides my affiliations with the scientific community at ASU, I am also a part of Barrett, The Honors College and a Front Desk Assistant at the Dean of Students Office. My favorite little joys in life include drinking Persian tea with sweets, planning my life on my beloved Google Calendar, and making spontaneous memories with friends. My favorite SDC workshop is Everyday Sexism!

Latrell Kaye

Latrell Kaye
Window Rock, AZ
My name is Latrell Kaye (he/him pronouns), and I am a second-year graduate student in the Sustainability Solutions Master’s program within the College of Global Futures at the Tempe campus. My career goal is to create, develop and implement a local food hub within my Indigenous community in the Navajo Nation. Some of my favorite activities include exercising and trying new cooking recipes.



Essential Skills for Managing Conflict (50-75 min)

In conflict, there are a variety of styles individuals use to meet their needs. In this workshop, participants examine their own conflict style and the styles of others to develop effective strategies for successful conflict resolution and interpersonal communication.


Everyday Sexism (50-75 min)

This workshop examines the impact of gender on interpersonal interactions and identifies methods for promoting gender equity and inclusion in social and professional spaces.


Grow Your Spaces: Intercultural Conversation (50-75 min)

Exploring generalizations vs stereotypes, microaggressions and other barriers to intercultural communication Intercultural Conversations offers strategies for effective, respectful and inclusive communication between members of different cultures.


Identity and Inclusion (50-75 min)

Rooted in ASU’s Charter, Identity and Inclusion allow participants to reflect on their own identities while learning strategies for civil discourse and recognizing unconscious bias.


Navigating the Rainbow of Inclusion (50-75 min)

Navigating the Rainbow of Inclusion explores the intersectionality of sex, gender & sexuality as components of identity while identifying strategies to move through the continuum of tolerance, acceptance, respect, and advocacy for the LGBTQIA+ community at ASU & beyond.


Same Spaces/Different Faces (50-75 min)

This workshop investigates culture formation and how cultural diversity impacts personal and community experience. It encourages participants to reflect on the cultures to which they belong while promoting intercultural understanding.


SafeZONE (2 hours)

A two-hour, in-depth workshop designed to increase the overall campus community's understanding and awareness of issues faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer questioning, intersex, asexual/allied and other marginalized students.