Sun Devil Civility

Sun Devil Civility

Sun Devil Civility

A student-led, staff supported initiative, Sun Devil Civility provides students, faculty and staff with the tools to build an inclusive campus culture rooted in civil dialogue and action. Through workshops, programs, and social media initiatives, Student Facilitators develop peer-to-peer and staff learning opportunities that emphasize cultural intelligence, problem-solving and conflict management from a student perspective. Rooted in NACE career competencies, these trainings provide students with skills to thrive in their professional endeavors. Staff gains valuable insight into student experiences and concerns, developing skills for engaging the whole student in the ASU experience.




TimeWorkshopRSVP and Zoom location
Mon., Aug. 17 noonIdentity and Inclusion
Weds., Aug. 19noonSame Spaces Different Faces
Fri., Aug 2111 a.m.Managing Conflict

All Sun Devil Civility workshops are available upon request for student, staff, and faculty groups of 8+. We have presented in Residence Halls, Classrooms, Conference Rooms, and auditoriums to groups as large as 150. Request a Workshop.

Same Spaces/Different Faces (50-75 min)

This workshop investigates culture formation and how cultural diversity impacts personal and community experience. It encourages participants to reflect on the cultures to which they belong while promoting intercultural understanding.         

Essential Skills for Managing Conflict (50-75 min)

In conflict, there are a variety of styles individuals use to meet their needs. In this workshop, participants examine their own conflict style and the styles of others to develop effective strategies for successful conflict resolution and interpersonal communication.

Navigating the Rainbow of Inclusion (50-75 min)

Navigating the Rainbow of Inclusion explores the intersectionality of sex, gender & sexuality as components of identity while identifying strategies to move through the continuum of tolerance, acceptance, respect, and advocacy for the LGBTQIA+ community at ASU & beyond.

Grow Your Spaces: Intercultural Conversation (50-75 min)

Exploring generalizations vs stereotypes, micro-aggressions and other barriers to intercultural communication Intercultural Conversations offers strategies for effective, respectful and inclusive communication between members of different cultures (this is a follow up to Same Spaces/Different Faces)

Everyday Sexism  (50-75 min)

This workshop examines the impact of gender on interpersonal interactions and identifies methods for promoting gender equity and inclusion in social and professional spaces.

Identity and Inclusion (50-75 min)

Rooted in ASU’s Charter, Identity and Inclusion allow participants to reflect on their own identities while learning strategies for civil discourse and recognizing unconscious bias.

SafeZone (2 hours)

An in-depth workshop designed to increase the overall campus community's understanding and awareness of issues faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex, asexual/allied (LGBTQIA+) and other marginalized students. SafeZONE was created to encourage a more inclusive and accepting campus climate. Unlike the other Sun Devil Civility workshops, SafeZONE currently features staff facilitators.