Fraternity & Sorority Life

For more than 85 years, fraternities and sororities have played an important role at Arizona State University.

Our more than 70 Greek-lettered organizations continue to move forward as the largest membership based, multi-faceted community on campus. Our fraternity and sorority members come from every imaginable background, but are united in continuous pursuit of our shared values.

At the beginning of the 2013-2014 academic year, the fraternity and sorority community embarked upon a new initiative to reframe the mission, vision, and core values of the fraternity and sorority experience at Arizona State University. As Arizona State University has established itself as the New American University to transform higher education, our community has embarked upon developing a new model for Greek-letter organizations deemed the “New American Fraternity & Sorority Community,” to transform our community in order to create the premier fraternity and sorority experience in the country by being values-based, impact-driven individuals and organizations. As the New American University has a core of eight design aspirations, our New American Fraternity & Sorority Community is centered on four aspirations to drive our community forward: Learn & Grow, Build Relationships, Give Back, and Do the Right Thing.

Each year, our community members achieve better academically, are elected to the highest leadership roles in student government, dedicate thousands of hours to community service, donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to charitable organizations, serve as executive officers for many of ASU’s 1,000 student organizations, and build campus spirit, pride, and tradition through our major campus events like Homecoming, Greek Week, Greek Sing, and Make a Difference Day. Most importantly, fraternity and sorority life provides the opportunity to establish bonds with the most dedicated, talented, and diverse people on campus and be a part of a global network of alumni that will last a lifetime.

The Greek Leadership Village is located on campus on the southeast corner of Rural and University off of Terrace Road.

Questions? Contact us at greeklife@asu.edu