Student Government

Student Government

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The Associated Students of ASU, ASU’s Official Student Government, exists to serve ASU’s students across all campuses and undergraduate and graduate programs!

We provide a number of student-run services and advocate for student initiatives including student wellness, campus safety, community outreach, civic engagement and ASU pride and traditions. ASASU also facilitates the distribution of funding from the student activity fee to clubs and organizations across ASU. ASASU voices students' concerns and interests at the University, local, state and national levels and provides students with experience and training through active political participation.

ASU Student Governments

ASASU is made up of the four Undergraduate Student Governments at the Downtown Phoenix campus, Polytechnic campus, Tempe campus and West campus; along with the Graduate and Professional Student Association.

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ASASU stands in solidarity with the Black community at ASU and in the United States as a whole.


ASASU Council of Presidents (COP)

COP is comprised of the five elected Presidents from each of the student government organizations.

The COP comes together and collaborates every week to stay updated, act on our priorities and voice feedback on university-wide initiatives, programs, events and issues. This year, with the help of each student government and our student organizations, COP will focus on five areas of priority:

  • Sustainability: Continue to support Arizona State University’s institutional commitment to lead by example through the sustainable operations of its campuses and improve individual and institutional sustainable habits, that benefit the overall health of our communities, economy, and planet.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Supporting a culture of inclusive understanding at Arizona State University where unique intersecting identities are not only recognized but celebrated while remaining committed to the continued growth of services and support for the multidimensional needs of all students.
  • Civic Engagement: Help students form lifelong habits of social embeddedness through active participation in the community and political affairs to reinforce Arizona State University’s core values of democratic participation and civic leadership.
  • Academics: Enhance Arizona State University’s knowledge enterprise by strengthening the touch points for students seeking academic support services and eliminating barriers to ensure students have equitable opportunities for academic engagement on all locations.
  • Resources and support: Evaluate and enhance current support services for students and commit to actively increasing the overall awareness, accessibility, and improvement of academic, wellness, and financial resources.



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Whether you would like to participate in a few hours of volunteer work or gain real world experience, ASASU is a great way to develop skills in advocacy and student leadership while building friendships along the way!

If you have any ideas, concerns or suggestions that you would like to share with the Associated Students of Arizona State University or if you would like to become involved, check out our websites or come see us at our respective campuses! Go Devils!

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