Other Services

Other Services

Other Services

Lost and Found

Found items may be turned in and lost items claimed at the Student Activities and Conference Services (SACS) Information Desk between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. Monday through Friday. The Information Desk is located in the foyer of the La Sala ballroom. The Information Desk phone number is 602-543-6285.

Lost Sun Cards should be turned in and claimed directly with the Sun Card station within the Parking Services office in the Welcome Center Building. For questions regarding lost Sun Cards at ASU West, please contact 602-543-7275.

Digital Signage

Where will the digital signage be displayed?

Sun Devil Fitness ComplexUniversity Center BuildingVerde Dining Pavilion
Various Locations throughoutUSG Area
Health Services
West Lobby Info Desk
East Lobby
Café West 1st& 2ndFloors
East Entry Doors
North East Dish Drop
Changemaker / Devil’s Den

Our digital signage locations are available at the following locations. You may request your signage to be displayed or excluded from any location buildings.

How do I submit a request for digital signage?

ASU Faculty and Staff may submit requests for digital signage by emailing an attachment directly to mitch.tybroski@asu.edu.

Student organizations must send requests to the Office of Student Engagement (OSE) for approval. Once approved, OSE will forward the signage document to our staff for posting.

What type of document should I send?

Most any type of document can be displayed on the digital signage system used. However, the use of PDF or PNG files are encouraged.

What type of document dimensions should be used?

Most any type of document dimension may be displayed on the digital signage monitors. The common 8 ½ x 11 flyer document in portrait or landscape orientation will display nicely. For more specific design guidelines, see the design guidelines page.

How long will the signage be displayed?

The digital signage will generally rotate on a cycle anywhere between 20 –30 seconds. Signage that is specific to an event date will be set to automatically delete after the date of the event passes. Signage that is intended to display continually will be re-evaluated at the end of every semester.

Design Guidelines

The use of high contrast is encouraged since higher contrast will display optimally on our TV monitors.

Most importantly, since the flyers display on rotations of approximately 30 seconds and are on monitors 40” to 60” in size, please use large and/or bold type.

Create a simplified message with pertinent information for the digital marketing flyers. Too much small text or detailed information will have less of an impact in this format. You can avoid the use of too much text by referring to a website or email where more information may be obtained.

Remember to include the event name, date, time, location and other key information.

ASU Communication Standards may be found at: https://commguide.asu.edu/standards/general-guidelines


Parking Services

For questions related to parking at ASU West, please call 602-543-7275 or visit ASU West Visitor Parking online at: ASU West Visitor Parking