Arizona State University is home to seven Federal TRIO Programs including two pre-college programs and five college programs to assist low-income, first generation students and students with disabilities to enter and graduate from college.

Serving over 280 community members annually, pre-college programs include Upward Bound (UB) for high school students and Veterans Upward Bound (VUB) for veterans with a desire to go back to school. Both programs provide fundamental support in order to motivate and assist participants in improving their academic and personal development skills as they prepare to enter and complete a postsecondary program. Services include enrichment courses in English (composition & literature), mathematics (basic math to pre-calculus), computer literacy, laboratory science, foreign language and college planning with financial literacy & career exploration as well as tutoring.

Student Support Services (SSS) programs provide beneficial retention services to over 800 ASU students across all four locations. These programs increase retention and graduation rates for students by providing services, opportunities and resources that enhance personal skills and academic excellence. Services include individualized tutoring, assessment of individual learning styles, educational workshops, financial literacy and preparation for advanced degrees and careers.