Off Campus Child Care Services

Off Campus Child Care Services

We believe that effectively managing family, work and school is challenging for everyone. The services provided by ASU Family Resources are designed to make it a little easier. We offer support and information, which is sometimes all you need. If you need more help, we can refer you to others on and off campus. Our goal is to offer expertise, information and educational materials to assist you in finding the best fit for you and your family.  Online students are welcome to contact the office.

Contact the Program Coordinator at Maureen Duane or 480-965-9723 for consultation on:


For information on campus wide programs, policies and services available, please refer to the Student Parent Guide

Referrals provided by ASU Family Resources do not imply an endorsement or recommendation by Arizona State University and ASU Family Resources. You are urged to visit the licensing agency to review center records, interview potential caregivers and check references. The Office of Child Care Licensure can be reached at 602-364-2539. This web site also includes searchable facility information.

Choosing Child Care

Choosing a child care center, family home, or in-home provider is often the most difficult decision a family can make. ASU Family Resources has created the two documents: Child Care Checklist and Choosing Child Care to help families make these decisions, based upon what is most age-appropriate for their child(ren).

Whatever child care option you have chosen, listed below are suggested forms:

Nanny, Temporary, Sick and Back Up Care
For your convenience, ASU Family Resources has compiled a list of agencies in the community that provide these options: