Sun Devil Child Care Subsidy

Sun Devil Child Care Subsidy

Sun Devil Child Care Subsidy


The intent of this Subsidy is to help ASU student parents with their coursework-related child care costs. The Graduate and Professional Student Association and Undergraduate Student Governments fund the program.

Who may apply?

To be eligible for the Sun Devil Child Care Subsidy, you must be:

  • Enrolled in a degree granting program at ASU.
  • Undergraduates: Be enrolled for at least 12 credits per semester.
  • Graduates: Be enrolled for at least 6 credits and/or 1 credit for doctoral students per semester.
  • Be the parent(s)/legal guardian of a child(ren), ages 6 weeks – 12 years of age, utilizing child care services
  • Demonstrate financial need through documentation and application responses.
  • Single or with a spouse or partner who is employed and/or enrolled in school
  • Online students may apply 

If I have not yet selected a child care provider, can I submit my application without this information?

Yes, you may submit your application, however, if awarded, your provider will need to submit documentation.  If you need assistance finding child care please contact the Subsidy coordinator.

Are there restrictions on what child care provider I may use?

Applicants must use the following options:

  • A licensed child care center and/or before and after school program.
  • Paying an individual to provide child care in a home other than the student parents
  • Individuals (non-parent) providing paid child care in a student’s home.

IMPORTANT: The subsidy cannot be used to pay a parent for the care of their child.

How do I apply for this Subsidy?

COMPLETE the Sun Devil Care Subsidy Application via the My ASU Scholarship Portal.

If awarded, how much funding can I expect to receive?

Award amounts are $500/$700/$1,000 per semester.

Important Dates:*

7/1/2024  Subsidy Application Launches in the ASU Scholarship Portal for Fall 2024

8/22/2024 Subsidy Application Closes

* Dates subject to change

What else do I need to know?

  • Availability of the Subsidy is contingent upon available funding.

  • The Subsidy requires all students to reapply each year.
  • The Subsidy is not available for Summer school.
  • In the case where two student parents are applying for a Subsidy for their child (ren), subsidy monies will be awarded to a single individual on behalf of the family.
  • Financial Aid awards are capped at Standard Cost of Attendance.  In some cases, acceptance of the Sun Devil Child Care Subsidy may cause changes to your eligibility for other federal and institutional aid programs.  If you’ve already accepted aid (including loans) up to your calculated Cost of Attendance, you may wish to submit a Student Budget Review to Financial Aid and Scholarship Services to have your childcare expenses considered.
  • Recipient Responsibilities: a penalty, cancellation or repayment of the Subsidy can result from:
    • A student fails to make satisfactory progress towards their degree; fails to enroll in a minimum of 12 credits for undergraduates or 6 credits for masters students, 1 credit for doctoral students, during the Fall and Spring semesters; withdrawal from classes OR a significant reduction in classes during a semester; withdrawal from ASU; not complying with Subsidy requirements and/or providing inaccurate information.

What happens next?

  • All applicants will be contacted, via the email listed on their application, to confirm receipt of their application as well as the final status of their application.
  • Students awarded a Subsidy will be sent an email and Acceptance Form, that includes the Subsidy amount, time periods covered, and their responsibilities as a Subsidy recipient. A separate form must be completed by each of your child care provider(s). No awards will be processed until all completed forms are received.
  • All awarded students will be notified when disbursement of their subsidy is expected to occur. Funds are disbursed into the Awarded applicant’s Student Account, either as a direct deposit into a student’s bank account or as a check mailed to them. Funds are disbursed by the semester. ASU needs to verify student status which cannot occur until after the last drop deadline.
  • Survey: Towards the end of the semester, all recipients will be sent a survey in order to gather information on usage and effectiveness of the program as well as to summarize attitudes, opinions and experiences of the Subsidy recipients.

Direct your questions to: Trish Bawn ( - Assistant Dean of Students