Panhellenic Council (PHA) Sorority Recruitment

The formal recruitment process allows potential members to visit each sorority and to find a group of women that feels like their home away from home. At the end of each round, chapters will select potential members to invite back to their next event and potential members will prioritize their selections as well. This mutual selection process allows for the best fit for both the chapter and the new member.

Recruitment Information Booklet

The Recruitment Information Booklet answers frequently asked questions about formal recruitment, participating organizations, financial information and overall sorority life at Arizona State. The 2024 Recruitment Information Booklet is now available to view.

Online Registration, Fees, and Deadlines

Registration for Fall 2024 Formal Recruitment will open on May 1, 2024. 

To participate in Formal Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment during the Fall 2024 semester, you must register online via the Panhellenic Recruitment Registration Form

The registration fee to participate in Fall Formal Recruitment is $85.

Registration closes 11:59 p.m. on August 20.  Late registrations will not be accepted

Transcripts, Letter of Recommendation, or Additional Materials

High School or College Transcripts are optional uploads to the ASU Panhellenic Recruitment Registration via the registration site. We ask for a digital copy of this transcript. If you do not have a copy of your transcript at the time of registration, you can log back in to upload it prior to registration closing.

Letters of Recommendation are not required to participate in recruitment. Please do not submit or email any of these additional materials to the Panhellenic Council. Letters of Recommendation sent on your behalf should be sent directly to the (inter)national organization(s). Panhellenic Council does not handle or receive Letters of Recommendation.

Recruitment Orientation

Recruitment Orientation will be held online via Zoom. Orientations will take place during Welcome Week and before Recruitment Registration closes. You are required to attend one session. During Orientation, you will participate educational sessions about the formal recruitment process, other sorority opportunities within the Fraternity & Sorority Life Community, and a virtual house tour. Tours will not be provided, nor are permitted, by chapter members, advisors, or alumnae at any other time to Potential New Members while Formal Recruitment Activities are conducted.

Recruitment Orientation will be on the following dates.

  • August 18, 4pm
  • August 19, 4pm
  • August 21, 4pm
  • August 21, 6pm

Formal Recruitment Schedule*

Panhellenic Sorority Formal Recruitment consists of four rounds of recruitment over two weekends in late August and Labor Day Weekend and concludes with Bid Day.

Please be available for the following days for Panhellenic Sorority Formal Recruitment. Attendance is required at all events to be considered for membership into any of the chapters participating in Formal Recruitment:

Round 1 (Open House) Thursday & Friday, August 22-23

Round 2 (Philanthropy) Saturday & Sunday, August 24-25

Round 3 (Sisterhood) Friday (Evening) & Saturday, August 30-31

Round 4 (Preference) Sunday, September 1

Bid Day- Monday, September 2

Please note that attendance at all rounds is required in order to join. More information about the Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment process, FAQs, and rounds will be discussed during the Recruitment Orientation.

If you have an academic commitment, ASU student-athlete commitment, religious commitment, urgent family commitment, or scheduling concern during any of these days, please complete the schedule conflict form. Please know that formal recruitment is a formal interview process that potential new members must be present to meet with chapters in order to be eligible to be invited back for further rounds. If you have issues during the recruitment process please communicate with your Rho Gamma.


If you have any accessibility related accommodation needs during the recruitment experience such as ASL Interpreting, Braille, captioned videos, etc. please contact the Student Accessibility and Inclusive Learning Services at  or by submitting the online application found on the Student Accessibility and Inclusive Learning Services website. Fraternity and Sorority Life works in partnership with Student Accessibility and Inclusive Learning Services to help support any students that may need any accommodation during Sorority Recruitment.

Grade Explanation Form

If you are participating in Formal Recruitment and do not meet the recommended GPA (2.5), you may fill out the grade explanation form if you experienced extenuating circumstances that negatively impacted your GPA. These forms will be reviewed by the Panhellenic Executive Board and shared with the chapters. The deadline to complete this form is August 23rd.

Panhellenic Contact

Please expect some chapters to be following and/or messaging you to talk about Recruitment and sending you the Recruitment Registration link. Our chapters have been encouraged to reach out to Promote the Panhellenic experience, and if you receive a message or follow please do not be alarmed. These follows and messages do not mean that this chapter will be extending a bid; however, they are there as a resource if you have any questions about Recruitment.

Once you complete Recruitment Registration, you can expect your Recruitment Counselor (Rho Gamma) to reach out and introduce themselves before recruitment begins. Your Rho Gamma is there to help you through the recruitment process by answer questions, giving advice, and offering support.

We also encourage all students interested in Recruitment to follow @asupanhellenic on Instagram for updates and to learn more about the community as a whole.

Please email Megan, Panhellenic President, if you have any questions or concerns regarding anything that has happened pertaining to this policy.

Are there opportunities to join a chapter outside of Formal Recruitment?

There are a few options to join a sorority outside of the formal recruitment process

  • Continuous Open Bidding
    • - “COB" is short for Continuous Open Bidding, a form of informal recruitment that sorority chapters can participate in at any time outside of primary recruitment which ASU hosts in the Fall. COB can occur after primary recruitment and in the Spring Semester. Continuous Open Bidding process is much more laid back and you get to interact with the members in a comfortable environment.
    • - These informal events will look different for each organization. Sorority chapters might host a game night, coffee date, roller skating, bowling, movie night or similar types of events. COB events are designed to be less structured than primary recruitment, which can allow you to speak with more chapter members.
    • - Not every sorority on campus will participate in COB.  To learn about opportunities and who is recruiting in the Spring, we encourage you to attend the Spring Sorority Showcase
  • Additional Membership Opportunities
    • - Alpha Epsilon Phi  and Phi Sigma Rho are national sororities that are members of the Panhellenic Council at Arizona State and do not participate in the formal recruitment process. These groups have recruitment events that occur outside of Formal Recruitment, and recruit typically during the Fall and Spring Semester. There will be an opportunity to learn about each of these organizations during the Recruitment Orientation. To learn more about joining Alpha Epsilon Phi & Phi Sigma Rho visit our Chapter & Council President Contact page to reach out to their organization.
  • Spring Sorority Showcase

    • - In the spring semester, there are typically a few chapters that continue to recruit new members if space allows through Continuous Open Bidding (COB). Panhellenic will host a showcase for all chapters participating in spring recruitment activities.


Questions about Panhellenic Recruitment can be directed to any of the following:

  • Jayden, Panhellenic Vice President, Recruitment Internal
  • Tinley, Panhellenic Vice President, Recruitment External
  • Bella, Panhellenic Director of Recruitment Counselors
  • Megan, Panhellenic President
  • Bridgette Wynn, Fraternity & Sorority Life Coordinator 
  • Call the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life at (480) 965-5292

To receive updates and reminders regarding recruitment and registration, complete the Fraternity & Sorority Life Interest Form.

For additional information explore the Greek Life Guidebook