How to Join

Welcome to the Arizona State University Fraternity & Sorority Community! The fraternity and sorority community at ASU has over 90 years of rich tradition on campus. Joining a fraternity or sorority can be an exciting experience to meet new people, make new friends, and explore opportunities to get engaged on campus.

The joining process is either council or chapter coordinated, depending on which organization you are interested in joining. Fraternities and sororities conduct recruitment and intake events, activities, and informational sessions at various times during the year.

Rush, Recruitment, and Intake are terms used by fraternities and sororities to identify the joining process. Intake is a term specifically used by many culturally-based organizations to bring new members into an organization. All ASU students, regardless of campus location (including online students), are eligible to participate in fraternity and sorority recruitment. However, many recruitment events will require a physical presence at the Tempe location.

Please note that many councils and chapters have minimum GPA requirements, either from high school or college, in order to participate in the recruitment or intake process.

If you are interested in receiving emails with important dates and events, complete the Fraternity & Sorority Life Interest Form

Explore the FSL Guidebook for even more information.