Doctoral Internship Training Aim


To produce entry level psychologists who have the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes for professional practice in a multicultural context with diverse adult populations.

In order to achieve the internship program’s aim, interns are provided with various training and clinical experiences. The following table provides a summary of these activities corresponding to the 9 Profession-Wide Competencies (PWC), and the following sections will provide detailed descriptions of these activities.

Profession-Wide Competence Corresponding Activities
I. Research
  • Intern Project or other research activities
  • Professional presentations including professional  conference presentation and case conference   presentation.
II. Ethical and Legal Standards
  • Service provision (e.g. counseling, consultation, outreach, Health Service rotation, & supervision)
  • Training activities (e.g. intern seminar, diversity seminar, intern project, etc.)
III. Individual and Cultural Diversity
  • Service provision to diverse clients
  • Training activities 
IV. Professional Values, Attitudes, and Behaviors
  • Service provision
  • Staff/committee/workgroup meeting
  • Training activities
V. Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Service provision
  • Communication with other staff
  • Receiving and providing supervision
  • Receiving and providing consultation with co-workers and other professionals.
  • Staff/committee/workgroup meeting
  • Seminar participation
  • Outreach
  • Health Services rotation
VI. Assessment
  • Initial Consultation
  • Additional Assessment
  • Crisis & risk assessment
  • Ongoing assessment of client issues and progress
VII. Intervention
  • Individual counseling
  • Crisis intervention
VIII. Supervision
  • Provision of supervision to practicum students
  • Supervision of supervision seminar
IX. Consultation and Interprofesonal/Interdisciplinary Skills
  • Provision of consultation to clients
  • Provision of consultation to colleagues
  • Outreach
  • Team work
  • Health Services rotation