2018 Arizona Psychology Training Conference

2018 Arizona Psychology Training Conference

Evolution of Our Profession:  Training the Next Generation of Psychologists

Thank you for a fabulous 2018 conference.  Learning objectives, presenter biographies and presentation details will be available through August 2019.  

Please check back in September for details and registration for the 2019 conference.


Lilia Miramontes, Ph.D. & Daniel Schulte, Ph.D.
Co–chairs of 2018 Arizona Psychology Training Conference

Conference Agenda


Registration, Continental Breakfast, Networking

~UCB LaSala Ballroom and Foyer~


Welcome – Lilia Miramontes, Ph.D.

~UCB LaSala Ballroom~


Opening Remarks – Daniel Schulte, Ph.D.

~UCB LaSala Ballroom~


Keynote Address:  The Evolution of Psychological Practice:  Now for Something Completely Different – Andy Hogg, Ph.D., ABPP

~UCB LaSala Ballroom~




Break Out Session 1


A. Burnout:  Ethics, History and Prevention


Sylvia Ann Cohen, Ph.D.



B. ABPP Board Certification: What’s It All About?


Leonardo Caraballo, Psy.D., ABPP

Mary Lu Bushnell, Psy.D., ABPP



C. Evolution of the EPPP – Anticipating the EPPP Part 2


Alison Reuter, Ph.D., ABPdN

John Stapert, Ph.D.


Poster Sessions




Break Out Session 2


D. Mentorship in a Multicultural World: Exploring the Impact of Intersectional Identities in Creating Effective Mentoring Relationships


Rhonda Casillas, Ph.D.

Arti Sarma, Ph.D.



E. Lessons learned (and being learned) while enduring the accreditation process.


John Barton, Ph.D.

Neil Stafford, Psy.D.

Matthew Weyer, Ph.D.



F. Preparing for Private Practice – The Graduate Course You Never Had


Larry F. Waldman, Ph.D., ABPP




Break Out Session 3


G. Addressing the Needs of Transgender Trainees


lore m. dickey, Ph.D.

Chelsey Tarazi, B.S.

Laura Rodriguez, M.A.



H.  Shazam!  Hitting home runs during interview season!


John Barton, Ph.D.

Neil Stafford, Psy.D.

Matthew Weyer, Ph.D.

Lilia Miramontes, Ph.D.

Nadine C. Cole, Ph.D.



I.  Integrating Digital Technology into Psychological Practice


Chris M. McBride, Psy.D.




When the Helper Needs Help – lore m. dickey, Ph.D.; Chelsey Tarazi, B.S.; Laura Rodriguez, M.A.; Erin S. Hanks-Moehr, M.A.


Poster Presentations:

The Only Constant is Country:  A Military Cultural Competency Course for Civilian Psychologists.

Presenter:  Jourdin Watkins Navarro, MA, CCTP


Considerations in Implementing Data Collection Procedures for Counseling Training Facilities.

Presenter:  Jenny Holzapfel, MC, NCC


Training with Heart Matters:  An Interprofessional Education Activity Between Clinical Psychology and Pharmacy.

Presenters:  Beth Richter, MA; Jasmine Pollom, MA; Angela Breitmeyer, PsyD; Mary Gurney, PhD.


Integrating Autism in College

Presenter:  Reilly Rowland