2020 Arizona Psychology Virtual Training Conference

2020 Arizona Psychology Training Conference

Navigating a New World - Supporting Training and Supervision in a Pandemic

October 16, 2020     9am-11am

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for supervisors and trainees in psychology.  For many in the profession, the practice of psychology fundamentally changed, virtually overnight, creating a myriad of logistical and ethical challenges.   Those who supervise or are being supervised face exponential complications in their work, as they have had to simultaneously figure out supervision and practice strategies.  

In addition to the complexities and challenges of practice and supervision, many in our profession have faced concurrent contextual challenges, including personal and professional isolation, simultaneous restructuring of other responsibilities such as parenting and family care, and the emotional strain of our current times. 

This on-line, interactive workshop is designed to provide support for those negotiating such difficult waters.   The format is designed to provide opportunities to share best practice ideas and strategies, as well as collegial interaction and support in a time when such opportunities have been significantly limited.  As such, there will be an approximately 30-minute introduction, in which we will introduce frameworks for various breakout groups, which will comprise the majority of the program.   In the breakout groups, participants will be able to engage in facilitated discussions on topics relevant to training in the current times.  Ideas and strategies from each of the groups will be shared with all participants.  

Topics to be addressed will include:

  • Logistics of virtual supervision and training for supervisors
  • Logistics of supervision and training for supervisees
  • Ethical issues in practice and supervision
  • Self-care and concurrent personal management of professional challenges



As a result of participating in this program, participants will:

1) Examine the evolving challenges of supervision in an online medium, and determine effective strategies of providing or receiving virtual supervision

2) Identify rules/regulations of providing or receiving virtual supervision

3) Articulate relevant areas of self-care challenge and identify strategies to address self-care

4)  Identify the risks to confidentiality when engaging in a professional role online.

5) Summarize the data essential to managing crises when working with clients online.