2019 Arizona Psychology Training Conference

2019 Arizona Psychology Training Conference

Helping Squared: The exponential benefit of contributing back to the profession

November 22, 2019


The Arizona Psychology Training Conference exists as a collaboration among Arizona State University Counseling Services, the Arizona Psychological Association Training Consortium, and other psychologists in Arizona that are dedicated to the training and supervision of trainees and fellow psychologists.

Our conference theme this year is "Helping Squared."  Psychology is a helping profession, and for most in the field, engaging in such work is a reflection of our passion, and is an identity as much as a job.  Those who train others in the work of professional psychology are not only helping supporting the acquisition of skills and knowledge, but also sharing their passion and ensuring that the help that psychologists provide continues to be available.  Thus- helping squared.

We are very excited to have Dr. Greg Shrader, Psychologist at ASU Counseling Services, ​whose career work exemplifies our theme, as our keynote speaker. We would like to invite you to join this exciting learning opportunity!

Lilia Miramontes, Ph.D. & Daniel Schulte, Ph.D.
Co–chairs of 2019 Arizona Psychology Training Conference


Conference Agenda


Registration, Continental Breakfast, Networking

~UCB LaSala Ballroom and Foyer~


Welcome – Lilia Miramontes, Ph.D.

~UCB LaSala Ballroom~


Opening Remarks – Daniel Schulte, Ph.D.

~UCB LaSala Ballroom~


Keynote Address:  How to Stay Interested in Your Own Career – Greg Shrader, Ph.D.

~UCB LaSala Ballroom~




Break Out Session 1


A. Self-Compassion: Do You Have It?


William Marsh, Psy.D.



B. Productive Conflict: A Clinical and Ethical Framework for Managing Conflict


Michael J. Redivo, Ph.D.



C. Why Blacks Resist Treatment: A Historical Perspective of Assault and Trauma


Evelyn Burrell, Psy.D.



Poster Sessions




Break Out Session 2


D. The Truly Professional Presentation: Becoming Memorable Using Rhetoric, Cognitive Psychology and Technology


Chris McBride, Psy.D.



E. Getting to Know the Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners


Bob Bohanske, Ph.D.,

Jeanne Galvin, J.D.,

Faren Akins, Ph.D., J.D.



F. Recommendations for Effective Integration of Progress Monitoring into Practicum Training & Practice


Keiko Aoyagi, M.C., NCC

Jenny Holzapfel, M.C., NCC

James Bludworth, Ph.D.





Break Out Session 3


G. Supervision about Sexuality Issues


Andy Hogg, Ph.D., ABPP



H.  Developing and Managing an Ethical and Risk-Managed Private Practice


Afroza Ahmed, Psy.D.,

Mati Aamed, M.A.



I.  Developing Trainees’ Competencies on Culturally-Informed Psychological Assessment


Marisa Menchola, Ph.D., ABPP-CN




A closing panel discussion by former faculty from The Arizona School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University reflecting on their work training future Arizona Psychologists, and discussing current and future issues related to psychologist training


Poster Presentations:

Differential Attitudes based on the Age of Pedophiles and the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse

Presenters:  Karla Caldera and Laura E. Jimenez Arista, Ph.D.

Non-Offending Stance in Pedophiles: Contributing to the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse

Presenters:  Michelle Emmanuelli and Laura E. Jimenez Arista, Ph.D.

Internalization and Externalization Coping Strategies in Higher Education Undocumented Students

Presenters: Melissa Hahnke and Laura E. Jimenez Arista, Ph.D.