Arizona State University values inclusivity as a part of its Charter. As an employee of the University you have a responsibility to ensure your course is accessible for all students. Student Accessibility and Inclusive Learning Services is here to support your efforts to ensure accessibility.

Faculty Information in Instructor Portal

Instructors can review accommodations, assigned notetakers and timed assessment accommodations through the Instructor Portal. To log into the Instructor Portal, follow the steps below:


Instructor Portal link


Sign in using ASURITE


Click “Continue to view student accommodations”

Faculty Notifications

Instructors will be notified of the accommodations per student per course. Notifications are typically sent at the beginning of the semester or following the accommodation request from the student.

Important Note: If you are a university employee or otherwise requesting workplace accommodations, those accommodations must be requested through the Office of Equity and Inclusion.


A reasonable accommodation is made to allow a student with a disability to have equal access to the program, course, or activity. Accommodations in higher education are typically those adjustments that allow students to demonstrate their knowledge in a way that mitigates the impact of the student's disability. An accommodation determined by Student Accessibility is considered reasonable unless it:

  • Fundamentally alters the academic requirement.
  • Causes an undue hardship to the university.
  • Poses a direct threat to health and safety.

Fundamental alterations include anything that would alter/change the learning objectives, expectations or goals for the course and accommodations that alter the performance requirements. If an instructor believes an accommodation is unreasonable they can contact Student Accessibility and Inclusive Learning Services at 480-965-1234 or the specific Accessibility Consultant who contacted them regarding the specific accommodations.

Frequently Asked Questions for Continued Online Learning

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