Notetaking accommodations are available for students with a number of different disabilities. Typically, a student who receives notetaking accommodations has limitations with attention, processing, and/or a physical limitation.

Register to become a notetaker by completing the Notetaker Application Form.

Accommodations include:

Faculty Responsibility

Notetaking announcement to be used in class, e-mailed, or posted on canvas: Instructors who are notified of a student needing a notetaker will receive an additional note after they receive the faculty notification asking for assistance with recruiting a notetaker.

Note about instructors’ multiple sections requiring a notetaker: Student Accessibility staff has found that often times instructors are teaching multiple sections of the same course with identical course content. If that is the case, Student Accessibility can work with the faculty to locate one notetaker for all sections. Student Accessibility simply asks the instructor notify us as soon as possible to work out the logistics.

Instructor provides notes: Instructors can also provide a copy of their lecture notes to support this accommodation. Please work with the student and the Accessibility Consultant if this is an option for your course.