Notetaking accommodations are available for students with a number of different disabilities. Typically, a student who receives notetaking accommodations has limitations with attention, processing, and/or a physical limitation.

Register to become a notetaker by completing the Notetaker Application Form.

Accommodations include:

This accommodation is provided by soliciting all the students who are registered in the course to find someone willing to take notes. That student is then matched (by Student Accessibility Staff) with the student who requires the accommodation.

In order to entice qualified notetakers Student Accessibility offers paid compensation and/or a letter of commendation for their services. The payment is $25 a credit hour and if there is more than one student in the course $15 additional for each student.

Student notetakers can give the Student Accessibility student their notes in a number of ways including uploading to the Student Accessibility Database, e-mailing the student directly, or providing hard copies (notetakers can use the Student Accessibility copier for free). The most effective process is uploading the notes as that allows the Student Accessibility students to get their notes in a timely manner but it also ensures notetaker to get paid quickly.

Sonocent is a software that is increasingly being used by students and institutions across the country. The software allows students to take control of the notetaking process by relying less on another student to take the notes but rather ensuring the student has full access to the materials in the course. The software is designed so students can record the lecture or audio, annotate directly next to the audio being recorded so the two can be paired up/matched to ensure clarity. The software allows students to focus on listening and understanding in class without being distracted by the process of writing all while putting the control over the information in the students hands.

Student Accessibility may have students using Sonocent in lieu of an in class notetaker. If that is the case, you do not need to make the notetaking announcement in class. If you have any questions or concerns about the software or process please contact the students Access Consultant.

If you received a notice that a notetaker is needed but your course is delivered online and you are unsure of how to proceed. Please contact the Access Consultant listed in the notice to identify if a notetaker is actually needed and potential next steps.

Faculty Responsibility

Notetaking announcement to be used in class, e-mailed, or posted on canvas: Instructors who are notified of a student needing a notetaker will receive an additional note after they receive the faculty notification asking for assistance with recruiting a notetaker.

Note about instructors’ multiple sections requiring a notetaker: Student Accessibility staff has found that often times instructors are teaching multiple sections of the same course with identical course content. If that is the case, Student Accessibility can work with the faculty to locate one notetaker for all sections. Student Accessibility simply asks the instructor notify us as soon as possible to work out the logistics.

Instructor provides notes: Instructors can also provide a copy of their lecture notes to support this accommodation. Please work with the student and the Accessibility Consultant if this is an option for your course.