Timed Assessments

Student Accessibility and Inclusive Learning Services facilitates the provision of timed assessment accommodations for students who have a disability related need for accommodations on timed assessments including exams and quizzes as well as pop quizzes.

Student Accessibility facilitates the provision of tests and testing accommodations at the Downtown, Tempe, Polytechnic and West locations. At locations such as Tucson and Lake Havasu the provision of testing accommodations are done through individualized conversations with instructors and staff who work collaboratively to ensure accommodations are provided.

Some of the most common accommodations associated with testing are:

Faculty Responsibility

Instructors are always welcome to provide a student with their accommodations directly without utilizing the Student Accessibility and Inclusive Learning Services testing department. In these cases, the instructor should let the Access Consultant and student know they intend to do so. Additionally, if exams are not being administered in the Student Accessibility office, faculty do not need to complete the testing contract.