Catering & food policies

ASU Catering provides a variety of delicious and convenient menu options for events within the Memorial Union & Student Pavilion. For more information or to request catering services please contact the ASU Catering office by phone at 480-965-6508, e-mail or visit the catering sales office located on the main level of the Memorial Union by the information desk.

Arizona State University departments and registered student organizations must use authorized catering service for on-campus events. Due to liability issues it is imperative that individuals representing ASU through University functions ensure that all risk management concerns are addressed by securing approved catering services as outlined in the following information. ASU funds may not be spent to purchase food from businesses not contracted with ASU or on the Approved Food Providers List. The ASU Approved Food Providers List is currently under review. Individuals and groups are encouraged to use the Food Exception Request Form listed below for immediate needs.

Events held in the Memorial Union and Student Pavilion

ASU Catering must be used for food and/or beverage service for an event hosted in the MU and Student Pavilion. For more information or menu options please call 480-965-6508 or stop by their office located on the main level of the MU behind the Information Desk. Food may also be purchased at any of the dining venues in the MU or ordered from Domino's Pizza (Vista Del Sol location at 480-968-5555) for events held within the building.

Donated food or special menu item

If an ASU department or registered student organization expects to receive food donations or require a special menu item that cannot be provided by ASU Catering or from the Approved Food Providers list (per vendor evaluation), a Food Exception Request must be submitted to:

ASU Memorial Union Event and Meeting Services
Room 182, Mail Code: 0901
Phone: 480-965-3406 Fax: 480-965-5834 E-mail:

Please forward Food Exception Request a minimum of 14 days prior to the event date. ASU representatives will review the request for final approval. Your event cannot take place without an approved Food Exception Request which must be displayed at the event.

Food Exception Request

A Food Exception Request must be submitted for the following instances:

  • The event is for guests that are not considered internal members of your department or organization unless they are invited to provide training or expertise in an area critical to the event
  • The event is open to the public
  • The event takes place in a location that is accessible to the public or the greater University community even if not the attended audience
  • Special Menu items that cannot be provided by ASU Catering
  • Giveaways of food/beverage items at your event

Approved Food Provider’s List Application

The Approved Food Providers List is no longer available. All food and/or beverage for an Arizona State University (ASU) event must be provided by an university-contracted food service provider or by a pre-approved outside food vendor. Certain ASU buildings and structures across ASU campuses have exclusive food contracts. Organizations and departments seeking to provide food/beverage in a venue that does not have an exclusive contract must submit a Food Exception Request.

Temporary Food Establishment Permit

Temporary Food Establishment Permit must be completed when a group hires a caterer for an event which is open to the general public by invitation or advertisement. A $70 fee is due when the application is submitted to Campus Health Services at minimum for 14 days prior to the event date. Please call 480-965-6853 with any questions.

Please note: To secure your catering request please use authorized caterers for all other catering events on University property. A vendor permit must accompany the Food Exception Request when supplemental caterers are authorized for on-campus events. In addition, you need to comply with the University insurance requirements when preparing and serving donated foods for special events.

Other exclusive venues

Old Main, University Club, Gammage and Athletic facilities have contracts with food providers that must be used in their facilities.

Other ASU campuses

Information regarding catering services at the other ASU campuses (Downtown, Polytechnic, West) can visit ASU Catering.