Where to Start

Where to Start

Same Day, Initial Consults

ASU CS ensures students are able to speak directly with a highly trained, licensed counselor the same day they decide they need it. Same day availability is our commitment to students – you will always have a clinician available to speak to when you need us.

Initial consultations are as long as they need to be for your today needs. They typically last 20-30 minutes; longer if you are experiencing distress.
We have 4 goals for an initial consultation:

  1. We will assess and respond to any mental health risk you have immediately.
  2. We will learn if you are seeking clinical support beyond today.
  3. We will contribute ideas for self-care and resources, based on what you share.
  4. We will work to co-create a next step plan that supports your needs and your vision for what would be most helpful

Initial Consultations are offered by highly trained, licensed professional counselors, social workers, marriage family therapists and psychologists. The nature of their connection with you will be short – typically 1-2 points of contact. Continued therapy services are offered by a different set of highly trained clinicians, working closely with referrals from this team.

We invite students to be candid about what skill sets or identities of a future clinician would be most helpful for building a therapeutic space. Some students indicate preference for a therapist who has a specific gender, race, cultural lens, lived experience, expertise, language, or combination of specificities.

Students have told us that they prefer to have an online way to schedule their initial consult; we’ve heard you. We open same day consults, every day of the week on the My Health Portal. If you do not want to schedule online, you may call 480-965-6146 for an appointment.

At times, off-campus counseling and psychiatric providers may be the best options for students. ASU Counseling Services can facilitate these connections, or students can search for recommended providers independently through our ASU Community Link. ASU students can use this database at any time; prior service at ASU Counseling is not required.  Students who prefer to receive support in connecting to a community provider should contact ASU CS at 480-965-6416.

Community providers include:

  • Psychiatric services
  • Community mental health providers
  • Specialized services. Examples could include assessment for ADHD, learning disorders, or other concerns.