Where to Start

Where to Start

Same day services

ASU Counseling Services ensures you, as a student, are able to speak directly with a highly trained, licensed counselor the same day you decide you need it. Same day availability is our commitment to students; you will always have a clinician available to speak to when you need us. From there, we provide services and coordinate care to match your needs with an optimal care pathway.

Scheduled services

Students have shared that they prefer to have an online way to schedule their initial consult; we’ve heard you. We have scheduled consults, Monday-Friday on the My Health Portal

There is no wrong place to start

We believe that 75,000 students may have varied preferences for how to honor their mental health goals. Our design offers as many options as possible.

ASU Health Services, ASU Counseling Services and ASU Counseling Services Open Call and Open Chat all work with one another to ensure you only need to open one door to begin to find support. When you have a vision of what will work best for you, we help connect you to the best clinical offering to meet your goal.

Initial consultation appointments typically last 20 - 30 minutes; longer if you are experiencing distress. Students can walk in and request a same day appointment, or can schedule ahead using ASU’s our My Health Portal.  Initial consultations are offered in person or remotely through telehealth services.

We have four goals for an initial consultation:

  • We will assess and respond to any mental health risk you have immediately.
  • We will learn if you are seeking clinical support beyond today.
  • We will contribute ideas for self-care and resources, based on what you share.
  • We will work to co-create a next step plan.

Initial consultations are offered by highly trained, licensed professional counselors, social workers, marriage family therapists and psychologists. The nature of their connection with you will be short – typically 1-2 points of contact. Continued therapy services are offered by a different set of highly trained clinicians, working closely with referrals from this team.

ASU Counseling Services now offers 24/7 Open Call and Open Chat services and telehealth appointments for you at anytime, anywhere across the world. This service can offer brief individual tele-therapy to you wherever you are in the world at both traditional and non-traditional times of day. You can follow directions on our Open Call Open Chat service page, and this is what you should expect:

  1. Communicate your request to schedule an appointment with a counselor.
  2. A Client Care Representative will gather your needs and preferences, including your availability. You can schedule someone at 11 p.m. if you want! This service extends beyond traditional office hours to meet your availability.
  3. Open Call and Open Chat clinicians will find a match for you, and keep communication with you, according to your preferred communication path (call, email, message).
  4. You can expect an appointment offered within five business days of when you call us.
  5. Open Call and Open Chat clinicians will help connect you to ASU Counseling or ASU Health Services if that is the right next step for your care.

If you feel most comfortable speaking with a Medical Doctor or Nurse, ASU Health Services is a place to start. Providers at ASU Health Services take most health insurance, and can help you understand how mental health needs are impacting your physical and behavioral health, offering medical solutions.

At times, off-campus counseling and psychiatric providers may be the best options for students.

ASU Counseling Services works with MiResource to build a curated list of mental health clinicians and psychiatrists across greater Phoenix area, who can serve college student needs. ASU students can use this database at any time; prior service at ASU Counseling is not required. Students who prefer to receive support in connecting to an insurance or community provider should contact ASU Counseling Services at 480-965-6416.

MiResource works with Universities across the country to generate quality referral connections. Students travelling outside of Arizona may find great referrals in home towns using this resource as well! Any questions – please reach out to our Counseling Services Referrals, through email or through ASU Health and Counseling Patient Portal.

Additionally, ASU’s United Healthcare Student Health Insurance also has a Behavioral provider directory, located within United Healthcare Student Resources.  

Community providers include:

  • Psychiatric services
  • Community mental health providers
  • Specialized services. Examples could include assessment for ADHD, learning disorders or other concerns.

We are available at all four Phoenix metropolitan campus locations


Please review our locations an hours to see where we are at every location.

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