Open Call and Open Chat

Open Call and Open Chat

Connect with emotional health and well-being support, when you need it

ASU Counseling Services Open Call and Open Chat offers simple access to connect with emotional health and well-being support. All services at ASU Counseling Services are confidential and free of charge for ASU students attending any of the four metropolitan Phoenix campuses, including Open Call and Open Chat.

What languages are available on Open Call and Open Chat?

Call and chat services are available in English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Korean and Spanish.

The app is ADA compliant and TTY accessible.

Creating a TELUS Health Student Support Profile

  1. Search

    Under “Search for your School” look for Arizona State University.

  2. Create your account

    You’ll be asked to fill in your name, preferred language and basic informed consent for this service.

  3. View resources and schedule an appointment

    Your home screen will offer Open Call and Chat, scheduling functions for a telehealth appointment, mental health articles and mental health screening tools.

How do I get started?

Counseling Services has partnered with  TELUS Health Student Support @ ASU to offer this confidential service.  Students can access services through any of the following pathways:

Open Call and Chat FAQs


Yes, all TELUS Health Student Support @ ASU services are confidential, under the umbrella of ASU Counseling Services.  Except in instances where there is concern regarding immediate safety, you must provide consent for anything you say to be shared beyond ASU Counseling Services and TELUS Health Student Support @ ASU.

No. Whenever you decide it may help to consult with a mental health provider, we are here. Students helped us to name this open call and chat to encourage ease of use.

Yes, this service is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and may be of help in between sessions.

No. This service is unlimited in support to you. It is common for students to reach out multiple times looking for support on a variety of topics.

Creating a profile helps you in two main ways

  • You can access services via the app much quicker once a confidential file has been created for you. 
  • The TELUS Health Student Support @ ASU clinician will know how to get back in touch with you if your call or chat accidentally disconnects.

Yes.  Open Call and Open Chat care providers work to identify where you are in life, and what you are working through in this moment.  People at any stage of their academic path, and any stage of life, may find it is helpful to have a phone call or chat session with a counselor.

Free, live counseling is just a click away

Students receiving their education through ASU Online have access to 24/7 phone/chat and scheduled counseling sessions through 360 Life Services. This confidential resource supports students who have registered to receive all of their classes and education through ASU Online, and is a support to students wherever they are in the world.

Open Call and Chat has experienced mental health providers who can assist you in a mental health crisis.  There is no wrong place to start if you are having a mental health emergency.  In addition, you may:

  • Walk into any ASU Counseling Services location during business hours.
  • Call EMPACT’s 24 hour ASU Dedicated Crisis line at 480-921-1006.

All of these resources are here to help you.