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Outreach Services

ASU Counseling Services staff provides preventive and educational interventions to staff and student populations through training seminars and outreach programs.

  • Training seminars are provided to faculty, staff, and students and have included academic departments, advising staff, learning support services, just to name a few. Topics of interest often include, but are not limited to, identifying and assisting students who may be experiencing depression, stress, suicidal ideation and other indicators of increasing distress, or engaging in substance abuse, eating disordered behavior, or other risky behavior.
  • Outreach efforts are audience-specific and can be tailored to a particular need. For instance, outreach presentations may be actively delivered to a particular class or group or may simply be tabling to provide information about our services and answer questions during orientation. Common topics of interest for outreach include academic skills, personal concerns, healthy relationships, peak performance, and stress management.