Sun Devils are Well Devils...

Sun Devils are Well Devils...

Well Devils take pride in their health & well being.

Wellness is being aware of your choices and making decisions toward a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. Taking care of your Mind, Body and Community are key factors to living well, better health and thriving communities.

ASU Well Devils - it's what you do!

  • Take the personal wellness profile
  • Visit sun devil fitness
  • Join a sports club or intramural team
  • Attend sports, arts and community events
  • Laugh
  • Be active every day
  • Adopt a healthy eating style
  • Make sleep a priority
  • Get a massage
  • Practice yoga, stretch or meditate
  • Enjoy life responsibly
  • Get help when you need it
  • Help a friend
  • Take action to prevent harm
  • Accept yourself and others
  • Communicate about consent
  • Volunteer
  • Live and breathe tobacco-free

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