Polytechnic Well Devil Zones

    Academic Outdoor Seating Areas Three outdoor seating areas with shaded seating amongst the desert landscape in the middle of each academic building (San Tan, Santa Catalina, Peralta). A great place to hang out between classes and discuss life, class or the latest things going on.
    Administration Building Fountain Let the sound of running water wash away your stress while you study, sit quietly, or have a conversation. Take a break from your daily routine by stopping in at this fountain with plenty of causal seating.
    Century Hall Courtyard A location that’s central to many on-campus students, the courtyard is open to everyone, especially those who want a wellness zone close to home. Come outside and enjoy the inviting atmosphere of Century Hall’s courtyard. Stop here with friends, enjoy a quick pick up game, or just relax on the amphitheater-style steps surrounding the courtyard.
    Citrus Dining Pavilion For students interested in good food AND healthy choices, Citrus Dining Pavilion is the place to go! With a variety of healthy options and plenty of choices for alternative diets, Citrus definitely caters to Well Devils. Dine on a variety of healthy options, including a full salad bar, made-to-order Mongolian Grill, a variety of fresh cut fruit, and much more!
    Counseling Every student faces some sort of challenge or change in college and there’s nothing wrong with needing a little help. ASU Counseling Services provides support and assistance in problem solving in a safe, confidential setting. Students can walk-in, or schedule same day or next day appointments. ASU CS accepts the Student Health Insurance and the Bridge Plan. If you’re having trouble, find peace of mind with ASU’s Counseling Services. Get all the help you need with ASU Counseling, with their commitment to help students succeed academically and adjust to campus life, they’re the perfect resource to ensure positive mental health.
    Crow’s Nest Stunning mountain and campus views reward those who find this rooftop treasure. A favorite on campus tours you might meet some future Sun Devils. Introduce yourself to the next generation of Sun Devil Nation! Even in the warmer months, this shaded location stays cool and breezy.
    Health Center Under the weather, need a checkup? We have a remedy for that. High quality, convenient Health Care located on campus. Come over to explore the new facility including the wellness space next door. Receive high quality primary care, health promotion & prevention tips, sports medicine & injury care, immunizations, women’s health and much more. Walk-ins welcome.
    Mesquite Café Your local coffee shop offers a range of healthy food and drink options. Enjoy a delicious coffee, smoothie, or fruit snack. The back patio offers great views of the athletic fields. Mesquite Café opens early - perfect for an early morning workout at the Sun Devil Fitness Complex.
    Neely Plaza A quiet nook outdoors between the Student Union and Center building located in shade. A great place to snack, relax or just people watch.
    Parade Grounds An oasis in the desert, this wellness zone offers a large green space amidst the academic core of campus. Take advantage of all the green space to play, do yoga, or just enjoy the green grass and sunshine.
    Startup Labs Engage your mind in new ways in this creative and engaging space. Designed with MAKING in mind, this space offers whiteboards galore, 3D printing, and other tools for interdisciplinary collaboration. Most of the walls in this space are designed for writing and drawing. Look for a green thumbs up and write away!
    Student Union Fountain Take a break between classes, after lunch, or during studying to enjoy the serenity of the Student Union’s outdoor fountain. Calm your mind in this quiet and tranquil hideaway.
    Sun Devil Fitness Complex The SDFC is the number one place on campus for students to enjoy fitness activities! With such a variety of accommodations, this location is perfect for enhancing the “body” facet of wellness. The SDFC has a fitness activity for everyone. From a full cardio loft, a variety of weights, a heated pool, three multipurpose gyms, indoor basketball, volleyball and much more, you’re sure to find something you’ll love at the SDFC! Be sure to explore the outdoor portions of the SDFC as well. The SDFC hosts several outdoor courts including basketball, volleyball, tennis, two soccer fields, a softball field and a heated pool.