USG - West Senate

The USG-West Senate can actually be compared loosely to the United States House of Representatives. As states elect representatives based on their population, colleges here at Arizona State University at the West Campus elect USG-West Senators based on their student enrollment. Senators are elected by the students of their college every spring and serve a one year term representing their constituents in the various issues that come across the USG Senate floor. These various issues range from the dispersal of funding to student organizations on campus to university administrative policy.

About the Senate

The Undergraduate Student Government at ASU's West Campus Senate is the Legislative branch of government. The senate addresses issues which pertain to any aspect of the university and beyond. Senators are elected in the Spring semester from the New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, W.P. Carey School of Business, Mary Lou Fulton Teacher's College, University College, and Barrett, the Honors College holding seats proportional to the amount of undergraduate students enrolled in each college. Senators serve on standing committees which produce legislation pertaining to the business of each committee. Legislation is discussed at bi-weekly senate meetings which alternate with bi-weekly committee meetings. All undergraduate students are invited and welcome to discuss any aspect of their undergraduate experience with the senators in their school, or who serve in a committee which pertains to the issue being discussed. Legislation passed by the Undergraduate Student Government Senate is representative of the voice of undergraduate students.

Senators and Executive Board Collaboration

While the Senate and USG Executive branches do act as checks and balances for each other, they often collaborate on issues to create a strong initiative by being able to say that together they represent all 6,000+ undergraduate students at ASU's West Campus.

Working With College Councils

Part of the way each Senator is held accountable to their constituents is through their respective College Council. College Councils vary in size, scope, and arrangement from college to college, but generally act as an umbrella student organization to each of the student organizations within that college College Councils are still being developed here at ASU's West Campus and your input on how they should function and operate would be beneficial to current and future Sun Devils'.

Clubs and Organization Funding

If your student organization would like to receive funding from the Undergraduate Student Government, check back this fall for Senate Appropriation funding .


Interested in becoming a Senator? Please email Senate President Ephraim Infante at ephraim.infante@asu.edu