2021 Election Results

Important Documents

Expense reports

All candidates (USG & GSG) must complete an expense report.

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Complaints can be filed against any campaign when an individual identifies alleged candidate or campaign misconduct.

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In accordance with the Elections Code, candidates are not allowed to endorse themselves on behalf of clubs and organizations they belong to, including social media accounts, unaffiliated with their campaign. Additionally, clubs and organizations, may still endorse candidates.

All election-related events organized by student clubs/organizations outside of the ASASU Elections Department, including but not limited to candidate debates and candidate open forums, must be registered with the Elections Department in order for any ASASU candidate to participate.

Student clubs/organizations that wish to register an election-related event must complete the Event Registration Form

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Supreme Court

Appeals may be filed against any member of ASASU at any time. For election purposes, an appeal is typically filed when an individual disagrees with a decision made by the Elections Department. An appeal allows an individual to plead her/his case to the respective appellant body.

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