Religious and Spiritual Life

Religious and Spiritual Life

Arizona State University is home to students of all faiths, traditions and beliefs and students are encouraged to actively pursue their spiritual path within an open, inclusive and supportive community. Recognizing these broad spiritual interests, this website provides a variety of resources that will enable your student to connect in ways that fit their needs.

Nearly 70 religious and spiritual clubs and organizations are available to student where they can share common interests have an impact in the community. The Clubs and Organizations page is an excellent resource. Your student may connect directly with each organization through My ASU Campus Services or directly by signing into SunDevilSync.

ASU’s Council of Religious Advisors (CORA) represents the various faith-based ministries and organizations affiliated with ASU to meet your student’s spiritual needs. You can connect directly with individual ministries involved with CORA, on the directory page.

There are vibrant faith communities surrounding each campus location and your student can find places of worship readily adjacent. The Local Faith Communities page represents a number of nearby places of worship.

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