Council of Religious Advisors

Celebrate faith, respect diversity, honor spirituality

The Council of Religious Advisors is comprised of campus ministries and faith-based organizations that represent a diverse variety of faiths, traditions, and beliefs. Despite the differences in faiths that exist between them, the group works peacefully and diligently on behalf of the university community to provide religious services, spiritual counseling, education, support, and opportunities for involvement. The majority of CORA members actively sponsor student faith-based organizations at ASU and work together to guide, strengthen, and enhance the college experience. Most members have ministries and places of worship close to campus to provide regular worship services. As a whole, the Council of Religious Advisors participates in volunteer opportunities on campus, assists with New Student Welcome activities and orientations, as well as hold spiritual awareness fairs on campus to educate the community about religious opportunities and different faiths.

CORA Mission
The mission of the Council of Religious Advisors is to promote good will, cooperation and dialogue among all of the religious and faith-based groups represented in the campus community without any compromise of the beliefs of the particular faiths represented.

The Council works to help build and foster an atmosphere on campus conducive to religious life and scholarly pursuit.

Services, Support & Opportunity
There are CORA groups on all four campuses, each consisting of a variety of faith-based ministries that provide unique and distinct opportunities for student involvement and support.

Faith-based organizations involved with CORA engage in a variety of volunteer activities such as providing food, clothing, and shelter to the homeless, working with cities and communities on emergency preparedness efforts, working to bring families out of poverty and crisis, and supporting a number of campus and community efforts. CORA members are also on campus regularly to provide guidance and support to students, engage in discussions surrounding faith and religion, and provide prayer and grief counseling in times of need. The ultimate goal of CORA is to educate, encourage, and enlighten students in their journey and to assist them in discovering and reaching their highest potential. Additionally, Council members provide safe, fun and exciting activities such as comedy shows, movie nights, lunches on the lawn, and so much more!

Religious Holidays and Observances