Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can my ministry join CORA?

A. If you are interesting in becoming a member of the Council, please contact the Dean of Students office on the campus closest to you to learn more about the membership requirements.

Q. If I want to find information about nearby churches, ministers or faith-based organizations, who should I call?

A. You can contact the Dean of Students office on any of the campuses to get more information about campus ministries and the faiths that they represent or you can click on the links associated with each campus on the homepage that list the members and the religious organizations they are associated with and contact them directly.

Q. Do any students serve on the Council of Religious Advisors?

A. The Council of Religious Advisors is generally made up of faith-based staff that are employed through nearby religious organizations in the community; however, students have attended the Council meetings on occasion through their affiliations with these faith-based organizations.

Q. What should I do if I have gotten involved with an organization that I think might be a cult?

A. If someone has asked you to join their religious organization and seemed legitimate at first but are now asking you for money or anything else that seems strange or out of the ordinary, please notify the Dean of Students office on your campus immediately.

Q. Are the preachers that are out on the mall during lunchtime associated with CORA?

A. Ministers, preachers or faith-based individuals that are members of the Council of Religious Advisors do not stand out on the mall and preach to students. If CORA members are on the mall, you will usually find them at a table quietly handing out information to students who ask for it.