Family Essentials

Family Essentials

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Explore Family Essentials to find key information and foundational resources to help you and your incoming Sun Devil make a successful transition to the college experience. Learn about items requiring immediate attention — such as immunization records and financial aid applications — how to get connected as a new ASU family member, basic terms you and your student will encounter along the way, and more.

Family Essentials covers lots of information to get you and your student started on their transition to ASU. We encourage you to review all of the information below and use the Family and Student Action Item lists to keep track of necessary tasks. To quickly access a particular section, use the navigation links below.

College Basics

As you and your student navigate the transition to ASU, you’ll find college is a lot different than high school. College Basics provides you with the resources you need to support your student during this transition, including FERPA and My ASU Guest Access, the college terminology your student will be using, campus tours and student communications.

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Sun Devil Speak

There are lots of new terms and departments in higher education. Take a look at some of the key university and ASU vocabulary used by students, faculty and staff to help you and your student prepare to become Sun Devils.

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FERPA & My ASU Guest Access

All students are granted privacy rights regarding educational records by the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Parents and guardians are not automatically granted access to their student's information. Students can choose to share their academic and financial records with their parent or guardian in My ASU. Sharing this information is entirely up to the student and ASU faculty and staff cannot discuss FERPA protected information without student authorization in the MyASU system.

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Campus Tours

Get acquainted with each of the ASU campus locations through virtual, self-guided tours, or schedule a socially distanced walking tour with an experienced campus guide.

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Student Communications

Make sure your students don’t miss a thing! Have them start checking their ASU email regularly for official university communications and updates.

Student email accessible in their My ASU

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Health Services

ASU Health Services offers personalized health care and wellness services, from routine care to same-day visits, for students across all campus locations. Preventative care and prescription services are also provided.

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Health Insurance

We know that making sure students have access to care is front of mind for families. ASU Health Services is contracted with several major insurance companies and has its own student insurance options to ensure the most affordable options for students. Use the button below to explore your family’s options.

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Parking information will be available in Summer 2021 as part of the Family Ready module.

Covered in Family Ready


International Students and Scholars Center (ISSC)

ASU supports the success of more than 10,000 International Students each year. To find information on travel to ASU, student services, employment opportunities and more for International Studnets visit the ISSC website.

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Novel Coronavirus FAQ

The health of the Sun Devil community is a top priority. The Covid-19 pandemic has raised many questions for families. Our FAQ page answers may and provides additional links to ASU’s management framework.

Living on Campus

Sun Devils begin their ASU journey living on campus in a Residential College, a supportive, close-knit community designed to foster academic success. Your ASU student will live and learn together with classmates in the same college, surrounded by amenities, programs and events tailored to their major. All first-year students are expected to live on campus to take advantage of these benefits.
As a family member, you may want to start designing the perfect room for your Sun Devil. This step is best saved until after your student receives confirmation of their room and roommate assignment. Here are a few steps to get you started to pave the way for a successful move-in this fall.

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The Residential College Model

The Residential College model is a unique environment that offers students access to academic support services, co-curricular programming, and traditional residential community building experiences.

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Living on Campus

First year students are expected to live on campus in residence with their academic peers. Living on campus provides students with immediate community along with the resources they need for success.

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Roommate Selection

Students living on campus will have the chance to request a roommate during the housing application process. First-time freshman roommate requests must have majors in the same academic college to be honored.

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Meal Plans

Meal plans offer great value for all students on campus with dining options to satisfy their preferences. Meal plans are required for first-time freshmen living on campus, and these students will select their meal plans through the My Housing Portal.

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Housing Application

Living at ASU promotes creative connections and innovation both inside and outside of the classroom while providing your Sun Devil with a supportive, close-knit environment designed to set them up for success. Your student should use their asu login information to access the ASU Housing Portal to complete their application.

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Move In

Information on the move-in process will be available in Summer 2021 as part of the Family Ready module.

Covered in Family Ready

Financial Planning

ASU provides families and students with a wide range of resources to plan for college finances. Your student should first complete the FAFSA, with your assistance. This a critical first step in order to qualify for financial aid and scholarships.
We also encourage you to discuss finances with your student. Clearly discuss expectations and budgeting, and advise them to make use of the many tools on financial services website to help with that. Below you’ll find more information on the next steps for financial planning.

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Financial Aid overview

Navigating the financial aid process is made easier with the right tools to get started. Use the link below for information on Financial Aid basics including deadlines, calculators and more.

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Paying for College

With different options and eligibility requirements for paying for college, our Financial Aid and Scholarship Services office wants to provide as much information as possible for families to understand this important financial process.

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Students need to submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year to be considered for federal financial aid. Many other scholarships also require students to have an application on file. Encourage your student to complete their FAFSA by Jan. 15 to meet ASU’s priority filing deadline as aid is awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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Parent PLUS loans

The Parent PLUS Loan, a Federal Direct PLUS Loan, is an option for parents of undergraduate students to help pay for educational expenses. It functions similarly to other loans available to students while still allowing for family member assistance.

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Scholarships are available for all students at all levels. There is no limit to how many scholarships a student can be awarded and they can start applying now. New scholarship opportunities are added often, so bookmark this page and visit frequently.

Family Resources

ASU Family is excited to partner with you to help you create your own vibrant ASU experience as an involved family member. We encourage you to take advantage of the array of resources available to you, including engagement, learning and involvement opportunities for every member of your Sun Devil family, tools and advice to help you support your student, and much more.
Get started now on your journey as an ASU family member and explore these many opportunities and resources.

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Join the ASU Family Hub

Sign up to receive family communications and receive customized information specific to your student and your interests.
Select “admitted student” and your student’s admitted term when registering.

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Direct Connect

Connect with an upper division parent or family member to ask questions, get advice or just begin expanding your ASU Family community.

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Ask Questions

Have questions or need assistance? Reach out to the ASU Family team.

Contact ASU Family

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Family Connection Videos

Get advice and tips for supporting your Sun Devil from ASU staff, faculty, students and family members. These short videos provide a detailed look at the topics most important to ASU families. For incoming families, Resilient Sun Devils is a great place to begin the series

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Attend ASU Events

Take advantage of campus programs and explore your own interests as an ASU Family member. Start attending programs today!

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Support ASU Family Student Success Initiatives

ASU Family supports all students through scholarships, free tutoring, student crisis funds and a free Thanksgiving dinner program.

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Explore Learning and Professional Development Opportunities

As an ASU Family member you have access to a range of learning opportunities to support your personal and professional interests. Learn alongside your Sun Devil with ASU.

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Discover Resources for your K-12 Student

Explore a wide variety of educational tools, enrichment programs, college preparation courses and more to ensure your students have the best opportunity to succeed.

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Connect with ASU Alumni

Welcome back to ASU! As an official ASU alum, you are invited to join a vibrant, thriving network of nearly 500,000 Sun Devils worldwide. Explore events, expand your network or discover a local chapter to join.

Family Action Items

Complete your family “to-do” list for the Family Essentials module to prepare for the next phase of your transition in Family Sessions.

Critical Conversations

Begin discussing expectations with your student about their College Experience. We’ve compiled some of the most critical conversations and questions for families and parents to explore as they prepare for the transition to College

Start the Conversation

Health Insurance

Apply for ASU student health insurance and/or check if ASUHS accepts your current plan

Insurance Options

Parental Consent Form

If your student will be UNDER 18 when beginning at ASU, complete the parental consent to grant ASU Health Services permission to treat your student

Complete the Form

Student Communications

Encourage your student to regularly check their new ASU email account as this will be how the university shares all critical information.

Student email accessible in their MyASU


Contact ASU Family at with any questions you may have, our team is here to assist! We also encourage you to follow ASU Family on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on all things ASU.