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First-Year Families

Get tools and tips on adapting to classes, living on campus, making new friends and more to help support your Sun Devil’s new chapter at ASU.

Coming Home — Connecting With Your Evolving College Student

Join an expert ASU panel as they explore ways for family members to stay connected with their more independent, emerging adult student, and what to expect when they return home to visit for the first time.

How to support your ASU student in selecting the right major

Many ASU students change their majors at least once before graduation. Find out how the university can help you and your student with one of the more challenging aspects of college — finding a major that matches the student's talents, interests and career goals.

How ASU First-Year Success Coaches support your student

Making the transition from high school to college isn't exactly easy. That's why ASU provides holistic coaching through the First-Year Success Center to help Sun Devils get off to a successful start. Hear from two FYS Success Coaches about the support they provide to their fellow students.

Inside ASU Podcast: Get the inside scoop from Sun Devils Molly and Ben

Few ASU students know more about the ins and outs of campus life than Molly and Ben, two Sun Devils who have provided insights on a wide variety of university topics with their Inside ASU Podcast. Learn more about the podcast, get some student-to-family advice and more.

Tips on What to bring to your student's room

Join an ASU panel including a University Housing staff member and the parent of a current Sun Devil as they offer tips on what your student can bring to campus housing — and advice on what not to bring.

New Chapter: Supporting your Sun Devil’s Transition to College

ASU’s Dr. Joanne Vogel leads a discussion on the transition to the first year of college. The panel explores how family members can evaluate their student's success in the first year and success strategies for students during the first few weeks of college.

How to prepare your ASU student for going away to college

Get insights from an ASU staff member, a student and a parent of two college-age students on what it’s like when families send their student off to college. This discussion delves into saying goodbye, making sure your students know how to seek out resources on campus, and more.

How to support the transition to college —communication with your student

ASU's Dr. Aaron Krasnow chats with an ASU Parent about the transition to college and strategies to communicate with your Sun Devil during the first year.

Parenting Through Stress

Hear from an expert ASU panel on the topic of college stress and how you can support your student as a family member. Learn more about the types of stressors students face and how they can affect emerging adults, and get tips on helping your student work through stressful situations.

What to expect when your ASU Sun Devil comes home for the break

For students, the college years are a time of exploration and growing independence. Hear from Sun Devil family members and one of ASU’s Dean of Students to learn what to expect when your young adult returns home for the break.