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WeGrad at ASU believes that “we graduate together” through a transformative and collaborative community of families, students and schools.

Empowering Families for Academic Success with WeGrad Digital

WeGrad is Arizona State University's premier family education and engagement program, dedicated to enhancing academic success. We invite you to join more than 180,000 Arizona families who have already benefited from our 1,300 programs. Register today!

Introducing WeGrad Digital

We are excited to introduce WeGrad Digital. Now available in both English and Spanish, WeGrad educates parents on how to equip their students for college and beyond in under 60 minutes. Delivered straight to your phone via text or WhatsApp Messaging. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity!

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WeGrad is designed by teachers and child development experts for busy families on the go. Complete the college readiness curriculum to learn more about how to prepare your child for academic success.

Once I started taking the program, I loved it because of the easy access; the classes, and videos come directly to your cell phone and you can take them on your time. All the classes are very simple, clear and educational for the general public.

Marcela Caballero WeGrad Digital Participant

Available courses:

  • High School
  • High School - Spanish
  • Middle School
  • Middle School - Spanish
  • Elementary School
  • Elementary School - Spanish

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With WeGrad you can …

WeGrad aims to accelerate the academic success and educational attainment of students all across the United States, from all backgrounds, cultures and socio-economic status.

Through three paths:


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School Partnerships

WeGrad is the preeminent college readiness family education program aimed at elevating academic success designed for K-12 families at your school. Contact us to schedule a call with the WeGrad team to discuss your school’s needs.

Community Partnerships

WeGrad curriculum can be customized for any youth and family organization focused on academic success.


WeGrad curriculum modules

WeGrad offers a transformative learning curriculum with a variety of channels of informative content. The new online course curriculum offers a self-paced and self-discovery experience that will serve as a model for multicultural family engagement. The full list of modalities below, show a brief glimpse into the lessons and information taught through WeGrad and how it can help prepare you and your family for college.

Elementary School

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. You Make the Difference
  • 3. Getting Involved
  • 4. Parent Teacher Conferences
  • 5. School Attendance
  • 6. Preparing for Tests
  • 7. Read, Read, Read
  • 8. Self-Esteem & Motivation
  • 9. Even More Tips
  • 10. Let’s Celebrate and Continue

Middle School

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Understanding your Changing Child
  • 3. Role in Your Child's Success
  • 4. The Journey
  • 5. Parent Teacher Conferences
  • 6. The Academic Playing Field
  • 7. Building Self-Esteem
  • 8. Motivation for Success
  • 9. Achieve Academic Success
  • 10. Let’s Celebrate and Continue

High School

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Importance of higher education
  • 3. HS preparation for college
  • 4. Set goals to work toward college
  • 5. Individual personalities
  • 6. Distinguish myth from fact
  • 7. University admissions
  • 8. Cost and financial aid
  • 9. Invest in college
  • 10. Let’s Celebrate and Continue

School Partner Highlights

Tempe and Metro Tech High Schools

WeGrad aims to accelerate the academic success and educational attainment of students across Arizona, from all backgrounds, cultures and socioeconomic statuses. This mission is achieved through a transformative learning curriculum with self-paced and self-discovery experiences that serve as a model for multicultural family engagement. See how WeGrad is making a difference for students, families and educators from two Valley high schools — Tempe and Metro Tech.

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