WeGrad offers a self-paced and self-discovery experience that provides families with the tools to ensure their child’s academic success.

WeGrad, offered through in-person and virtual platforms, is easily accessible anywhere and anytime. As the future of family learning, the WeGrad curriculum will be available in English and Spanish and consists of 15 short episodes. In under 60 minutes, a user can graduate with the knowledge to prepare their students for college.

“Families are the first teachers in a child’s life. Providing resources and support for families on how they can guide their children’s education journey is our fundamental responsibility as partners.”

Edmundo Hidalgo
Vice President of Outreach Partnerships

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WeGrad curriculum modules

intro card

Introductory session

Prepare for a great future with WeGrad!

Get ready!You are your child’s most important teacher!

Get set!Be part of your child’s success!

Lets go!Make a commitment and believe in your child’s future!

Charge card


Lesson 1: Take Charge of Your Student’s Destiny

Get ready!Choose higher ed and make a difference

Get set!Higher ed instills a sense of pride

Lets go!Higher ed helps to build your community

Blaze card


Lesson 2: Blaze your student’s path forward!

Get ready!Your student’s college check-list

Get set!High school success is your guiding compass!

Lets go!Be smart and set goals now!

Admit card


Lesson 3: Admit all: Starting your college journey!

Get ready!Competency and aptitude requirements

Get set!Guiding your college admissions!

Lets go!Exploring careers: My degree; my future!

Charting card

Charting the course

Lesson 4: Charting the course for family success!

Get ready!Estimating college costs

Get set!Who can help me on the journey?

Lets go!Stay active and involved!

road card

Final road trip

Lesson 5: Final road trip for future success!

Get ready!Navigating your university experience!

Get set!Standing out from the crowd!

Lets go!Completing your application!

Join our transformative and collaborative community of families, students, and schools!

The WeGrad curriculum will be available in English and Spanish, consisting of 15-episodes and an introductory session.

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