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Family Fusion: Nurturing Dreams Together

Calling all parents and families who dream big for their children! Get ready to embark on a transformative journey with the Access ASU Family Newsletter, Family Fusion: Nurturing Dreams Together. This isn’t just any newsletter – it’s your portal to a world of college and career readiness resources that have the power to shape your child’s destiny.

Imagine having the tools to inspire your youth, cultivate their talents and set them on a path toward a brilliant future. Our newsletter is not only focused on the importance of education – it’s a treasure trove of insights that empower you to guide your child through the exciting journey of growth and discovery.

From expert advice on child development to exclusive invites to virtual and in-person events, we’ve got your family covered every step of the way. Join Access ASU today and be part of a community that believes in the potential of our young minds and the power of preparedness.

Exclusive Opportunity: WeGrad Digital Course 

Each registrant of the Family Fusion newsletter will receive complimentary access to the WeGrad college readiness digital course. Thanks to grant funding in 2023/2024, families with middle and high school students will benefit from a cutting-edge online curriculum delivered conveniently via SMS text messaging and WhatsApp.

For the last 17 years, WeGrad, formerly known as American Dream Academy, has remained the preeminent family education and engagement program aimed at elevating academic success. WeGrad has delivered 1,250 programs, impacting more than 180,000 students throughout Arizona. 

WeGrad is available in both English and Spanish and in just under 60 minutes, parents can acquire the knowledge and resources necessary to prepare their students for success in college and beyond. No purchase is necessary.

Register for WeGrad Digital:

  • High School
  • High School - Spanish
  • Middle School
  • Middle School - Spanish
  • Elementary School 
  • Elementary School - Spanish


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Educator Newsletter

EmpowerED: Connecting Educators to Excellence

Get ready to embark on an enriching journey with the Access ASU Educator Newsletter, “EmpowerED: Connecting Educators to Excellence” – your gateway to an array of community and ASU resources that will elevate your classroom into a hub of inspiration and growth.

Picture this: a treasure trove of K-12 activities spanning the spectrum from STEM to arts, curated from an exciting blend of ASU and community sources. And here’s the star of the show – college and career readiness tools that will empower your students to dream big and pursue their aspirations fearlessly.


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Access ASU provides the tools for the transformation of the lives of young people and families to create a brighter, more equitable future for all. With support from collaborations and community partners, strategic K-12 education initiatives and a variety of tools and programs, we continue to make this vision a reality. It is our mission to ensure that our youth have the opportunity, support, and tools they need to access the transformative power of higher education.

By representing the needs of our thriving local communities, we collaborate closely with numerous programs across the university. Together, we are dedicated to equipping future students with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in higher education and beyond.

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