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Bring the whole family for a free performance from the ASU Mariachi Group! The concert on Monday, April 25, from 7:30-9:30 p.m. in the ASU Music Building on the Tempe campus will showcase a semester of hard work and highlight the history of Mariachi bands. 

Discover how Jessica Fichot taps her French-Chinese-American upbringing to create an intoxicating multilingual fusion of sounds from the French chanson tradition, vintage jazz, 1940s Chinese swing, international folk and into the wilderness of her imagination. Tastemakers KCRW, LA Weekly, San Francisco Chronicle and audiences across the globe love her vibrant, globetrotting style. She's also an in-demand composer of music for interactive games, apps and more. 

For centuries, during the so-called Age of Discovery, the European maritime powers partitioned and asserted ownership over the homelands of Indigenous peoples worldwide according to which among them first sighted or set foot on a land previously unknown to Europe. This practice, known today as the Doctrine of Discovery, enabled Europeans to appropriate vast territories and build colonial empires. The Conquering Columbus webinar will describe the theory and historic process of the Doctrine of Discovery and consider how it instituted long-term negative impacts on Indigenous people.

Sounding Bodies, Sounding Histories: Christi Jay Wells and Rashad Shabazz in conversation about Between Beats: The Jazz Tradition and Black Vernacular Dance

Join us for a discussion of the just published book, Between Beats: The Jazz Tradition and Black Vernacular Dance, by CSRD Race, Arts and Democracy fellow Christi Jay Wells. Professor Wells will be conversation with Rashad Shabazz, ASU Associate Professor of African and African American Studies.

This event brings together 10 multicultural faculty members of the Spanish and Portuguese section of the School of International Letters and Cultures, who from their own native and migrant perspectives – from regions such as the Andes (Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador), Mesoamerica (Mexico and Central America), the Iberic Peninsula (Spain and its regions), the South Cone (Argentina, Chile and Uruguay) and the US Southwest Borderlands) — bring to life poignant ideological, sociocultural, historic and scientific perspectives found in these vast regions.

A time-honored tradition at Arizona State University, Homecoming is back this fall after a pandemic pause, bringing together students, parents, alumni and the ASU community to celebrate their Sun Devil spirit. The university will celebrate Homecoming this year with multiple events Oct. 24–30, culminating in a football game against Washington State at noon Oct. 30.

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