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ASU Family and ASU 365 Community Union invite you and your family to join us for another series of casual, livestreamed yoga sessions designed for all levels of experience this spring semester. Have your PK through University Sun Devil join you as you learn some family- and beginner-friendly movements for a healthy and fun addition to your weekend. 

Over the past decade or so, "True Crime" as an entertainment has become extremely popular. Streaming services have hundreds of series on the topic, and 50% of the top charting podcasts are True Crime Podcasts. What is this human fascination that has become such entertainment? Is this a form of trauma porn?

The Piper Writers House is excited to host an open mic poetry reading in celebration of Black history Month! We invite you to share your poetry, whether you are a page poet, a slam or performance poet, or maybe aren’t yet comfortable calling yourself a poet at all. Storytelling and spoken word welcome!
We are honored to host two featured speakers, Clottee Hammons and Sean Medlin, who will be performing original works to kick off the reading.

Beginning in the 1950’s, over 40 local and regional Jewish historical societies have been organized. These groups play diverse roles within the Jewish and general communities.  Little has been written about these institutions and their contribution to the formation and transmission of important aspects of American Jewish history and the competing demands that shape their activities. This lecture explores the history of these societies and the forces that both sustain and threaten their survival.

Explore the lived experiences of youth in postwar Jewish summer camps, sites of intergenerational negotiation in the making of American Jewish culture. This lecture considers how postwar American Jewish leaders representing a diverse range of ideological commitments, including Zionism, Yiddishism and liberal Judaism used summer camps to expose children to their ideologies and attempted to transform them according to their visions of authentic Jewishness.


ASU welcomes football fans to the Valley, along with the opportunity to host an inspirational dialogue for middle and high school students to hear firsthand from current and former athletes, professional leaders and community advocates. The Black Changemaker Speaker Series: Youth Town Hall event will take place on ASU’s West Campus and demonstrate what a changemaker is and how to take advantage of opportunities in life surrounding personal and professional development.

Brooklyn Rider, ASU’s Visiting Quartet in Residence for 2022/23, performs three unique programs centered around the Four Elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. These programs are a musical expression that brings awareness to the beauty of our world, while reminding us of current challenges regarding climate and sustainability.

Ruth Crawford Seeger - selected folk songs collected by Seeger, arr. Colin Jacobsen
Dan Trueman - "Under My Feet"

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