Resources for Students with Families

ASU Family Resources strives to:

  • Serve all Sun Devils with families of their own
  • Provide university families with appropriate resources
  • Advocate for the needs of families
  • Collaborate with on and off-campus departments and organizations in the development and delivery of programs and services to the ASU community
  • Expand family-responsive policies to ensure a healthy and productive environment
  • Educate individuals and the community about ASU Family Resources

ASU Family Resources
SSV 265
PO Box 870512, Tempe, AZ 85287-0512



ASU Family Newsletter - News for Students with Families of Their Own

For monthly updates on low-cost family-friendly events, financial assistance, and scholarship opportunities, and additional family resources subscribe to ASU Family's News for Students with Families of Their Own newsletter. Visit the ASU Family Website for more Engagement Opportunities and resources


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