Centennial Professorship Award

Centennial Professorship Award

About the award

In 1984, the Associated Students of Arizona State University (ASASU) had a vision. They sought to recognize, encourage, and award ASU faculty based on their outstanding leadership and instruction both within and beyond the classroom. The need to attract and retain the highest quality leaders and teachers to our faculty was the catalyst that led to the establishment of the Associated Students Centennial Endowment Fund which allowed the creation of the Centennial Professorship Award.

By acknowledging and promoting these qualities of academic excellence and community service and embeddedness in our faculty, the Centennial Professorship program seeks to encourage all faculty members to continue their innovative educational practices both in and outside the classroom.

The Centennial Professorship Award is very prestigious, and recipients are recognized and announced in April on the GPSA & ASASU website and in the GPSA Awards Ceremony.

What is the award?

The Centennial Professorship Award recognizes faculty on all ASU campuses engaged in scholarship, emerging leadership, dedication to community service, and enrichment of students’ academic experience.

Who is eligible?

Any faculty who has made significant contributions to the educational development of ASU students through outstanding instruction both in and out of the classroom, and is

  1. engaged in scholarship, in and out of the classroom setting, and who is dedicated to sharing knowledge and skill with the wider community.
  2. esteemed by students as an outstanding teacher due to preparedness and organization of the classes he or she teaches and due to the quality learning environment that this instructor creates through the use of innovative teaching strategies.
  3. known for enthusiastically challenging, motivating, and inspiring students toward academic excellence, but at the same time, succeeds in making difficult material understandable to students.
  4. able to enjoy and recognize the importance of working with students and enhancing their education out of the classroom, leading them to potential careers, graduate programs, or other opportunities when appropriate.
  5. willing to use the stipend to benefit students through (but not limited to) the betterment of the technology used in instruction or lab, or hiring student assistants.

What is the prize?

Each year three winners are awarded each (1) a cash prize of $5,000 and (2) an additional $5,000 to be used for the benefit of the students in classroom instruction and teaching innovation. For example, this could include upgrading the technology in the classroom or by hiring a teaching assistant. They will receive cross-campus recognition and be honored at the Annual Awards Ceremony in the spring.


The 2021 award cycle is closed. The 2022 cycle will open January 2022, please keep an eye on this page for more details!

Application and required documents

1. A Personal Statement (no longer than 5 pages (single or double spaced) that addresses the applicant’s:

  • teaching philosophy;
  • goals for continued teaching development and innovation;
  • contributions to the education of students both in and out of the classroom;
  • involvement with community service (academic/scientific and local);
  • description of intended uses of the award;

2. A Curriculum Vitae highlighting the applicant’s

  • relevant teaching activities and professional/academic development;
  • accomplishments and contributions in the field of study;
  • efforts to both mentor ASU students beyond the classroom, and serve in leadership roles in the community (academic/local) that potentially benefit them.

3. Letter of Support from a graduate or undergraduate student (up to two):

  • describes how the applicant has contributed to the education of ASU students both within and beyond the classroom;
  • provides specific examples demonstrating the impact on either the students or the academic/local community;
  • the letters of support should be provided by graduate and undergraduate students the applicant has interacted with during the Spring 2019 semester to present.

Application (coming Jan. 2022)

Applicant rubric (coming Jan. 2022)


The Centennial Professorship Award program is run by the executive officers of Associated Students of Arizona State University (ASASU) and is made up of both USG and GPSA members.  


If you have questions, please contact asasupc@asu.edu.


Centennial Professorship Award Past Recipients

2021Geoffrey GonsherWatts College of Public Service and Community Solutions
 Michael OstlingBarrett, The Honors College
 Susanne PfeiferThe College: School of Life Sciences
2020Aggie Yellow HorseSchool of Social Transformation, Asian Pacific American Studies & Justice and Social Inquiry
 Silvie HuijbenSchool of Life Sciences, Center for Evolution and Medicine
 Yang WengSchool of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering
2019Matthew BumanCollege of Health Solutions
 Javier Gonzalez-SanchezCIDSE (School of Computing Informatics and Decisions Systems Engineering)
 Marianne MooreCollege of Integrative Sciences and Arts, Science and Mathematics
2018Brooke ColeyIra A. Fulton Schools of Engineering
 Justin JagerT. Denny Sanford School of Social and Family Dynamics
 Barbara S. SmithSchool of Biological and Health Systems Engineering
2017Chingwen ChengThe Design School
 Wendy OakesMary Lou Fulton Teachers College
 Lindsey MosesMary Lou Fulton Teachers College
2016Joseph HendersonMary Lou Fulton Teachers College
2015Joseph BlattmanSchool of Life Sciences
 Sara BrownellSchool of Life Sciences
 Jacquelyn Scott LynchBarrett, the Honors College
2014Bonnie WentzelSocial & Behavioral Sciences
 Alice DaerEnglish Department
2013Douglas KelleySocial & Behavioral Sciences
 Daniel HruschkaSchool of Human Evolution and Social Change
 Sarah BuelCollege of Law
2012Aaron GolubSchool of Sustainability
 Cynthia LietzCollege Of Public Programs
2011Calvin SchermerhornSchool of History Philosophical, & Religious Studies
 George WolfChemistry and Biochemistry
2010Kellie PalazzoloSchool Of Communication
 Christopher WhartonNutrition Program
2009David Frakes

Department of Electrical Engineering/Department of Bioengineering

 Susan BeinerSchool Of Art
2008Kimberly ScottEducational Leadership and Policy
 Guy CardineauBioDesign/School of Life Sciences
2007Jennifer BroughamSocial & Family Dynamics
 Pamela StewartHistory
 Orde KittrieCollege of Law
2006Jennifer TsukayamaDepartment of Dance
 Robert EdsallDepartment of Geography
2005John RosaAsian Pacific American Studies
 Laura PeckPublic Programs
2004Matthew C. WhitakerDepartment of History
 Janetta McCoyCollege of Design
2003Shannon RingenbachKinesiology
 Kyle LongleyCollege of Liberal Arts and Sciences
2002Kaye ReedAnthropology
 Andrew EllisGeography