STI Testing


Sexually transmitted infections (STI) include bacteria, viruses or parasites that can pass from person to person in blood, semen, vaginal and other bodily fluids through sexual contact. Many people with STIs have no signs or symptoms. 

If you are sexually active it is recommended that you test for STIs once a year or more frequently if you change partners. Use the STI risk quiz to see if STI testing is recommended for you
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ASUHS Testing Options

  1. If you are having any symptoms of STI it is recommended to schedule an appointment with a medical provider for evaluation Login (pointnclick.com)
  2. If you have NO SYMPTOMS but would like to test, you can schedule an appointment for STI testing with our lab department Login (pointnclick.com)
  • For the lab testing, you can choose either or all tests: Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, HIV and Syphilis. The cost for each individual test is $20 which can be billed to your student account as a (confidential) “health service” charge, OR billed through your health insurance.
  • All results should post to your patient portal within 24-48 hours. If any result is positive, a follow up appointment with a medical provider for treatment and counseling will be necessary.

The best way to reduce STI risk is to reduce number of sexual partners and to consistently use barrier methods such as condoms and dental dams for all sexual encounters.

For more information on STI causes, symptoms, and treatment options, please check the patient portal or contact your Health Services provider.