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Professional Development Department

Professional Development Department

The GPSA Office of Professional Development (PD) recognizes graduate student achievement in teaching, research, advocacy, and mentorship. It also recognizes ASU faculty and staff who extensively support and contribute to the graduate community. Please click on each award below for more information. The Teaching Excellence Award (TEA) and the Research Award are offered in the Fall and Spring semesters; while the rest are only in the Spring. If you would like to be part of the Awards process in the role of a Reviewer, please email us at
We accept Reviewers all year round. Please click below for Reviewers serving 2018-2019. In addition to awards, we organize several large events, on and off campus, for graduate students to socialize and enjoy a fun break from their work. Please see the GPSA calendar for event dates. The Professional Development Committee is led by the Vice President of Professional Development, Director of Awards, and Director of Events, and is open for any graduate student to join.
KennethRex NDukaife

Kennethrex Ndukaife

GPSA Director of Innovation Fellowships

The Director leads the Special Projects Committee in soliciting, reviewing, and monitoring applications and projects associated with the Innovation Fellows Program. As an advocate, this position looks to increase the participation of students in GPSA programs and enhance the graduate and professional student overall experience at ASU.

Kennethrex Ndukaife is a doctoral student in the department of Electrical Engineering under the DEFECT Laboratory at Engineering Research Center at ASU, where he is pursuing ground-breaking research that will benefit the semiconductor, photovoltaics and device manufacturing industry by significantly reducing the cost of key components.

Suli Adenive

Suli Adenive

Vice President of Professional Development

The office of the Vice President Professional Development oversees the planning and execution of events and programs that are aimed at facilitating interactions among graduate and professional students. These programs include events, awards, and innovation fellowships.

Suli Adeniye is a Computer Science doctoral student in the School of Computing and Augmented Intelligence. Prior to commencing his PhD program, he led teams that planned and implemented high quality information technology infrastructure projects at university and college campuses in Saudi Arabia. During this time, he also had the opportunity of attending both technology-focused and management training programs. When not engaging in research work, Suli loves hiking, playing soccer and volleyball.


Kenton Woods

Director of Innovation Fellows

Madhurima Guha

Director of Events

Luke Baker

Director of Awards