Coalition of International Students

Coalition of International Students

The Coalition of International Students aims to promote communication among all international student organizations in order to coordinate and consolidate activities of international students while promoting understanding among the various cultures within the university and community at large.


Save the Dates for Our Events

Throughout the academic year, Arizona State University dedicates months and weeks to honoring Sun Devils’ heritage. The Coalition of International Students leads the celebration of International Education Week each November. To learn how you can be involved in planning the celebration of our rich, diverse community of ASU students, connect with our coalition.

Monthly Town Halls | Dates and Location TBA

CIS Town Halls are open events that aim to address international students’ concerns and questions. We collect the most common questions from international students and make them into topics for each month. Some of our topics in the past include Health Insurance for International Students, Mental Health, Intercultural Relationships in the US, etc. Oh, did I mention that free food is provided at every Town Hall?

International Night 2023 | Friday, November 17th, 8-11 pm | SDFC Field

A grand celebration of various cultures at ASU.

As the largest cultural festival happening annually at ASU, the event aims to bring together people from around the world to celebrate their unique cultures through various performances, interactive games and cuisines.

International Night is a part of ASU’s International Education Week.

#ASUINTLNIGHT #asuglobal 


Gaylors Campus

Club Spotlight

Indian Students Association (ISA)

The Indian Students' Association (ISA) at Arizona State University is a non-profit organization for all Indian students. Our objectives are to promote service and leadership opportunities. We understand how tough it is to arrive in a new country, thousands of miles away from home and settle down into a student's life there. We aim to help new students with the transition to the USA and provide support for educational and social issues that they may face at ASU. Student-student and student-community interactions are also highly encouraged. We also work to provide students a platform to express their creative side, especially on the performing arts front.

Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA)

Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) at ASU is a student organization dedicated to the goal of promoting social, intellectual and cultural activities for Chinese students and scholars at Arizona State University as well as other interested members in the ASU community. It will also strive to provide opportunities and benefits for its members by facilitating the exchange of information between China and Chinese students studying abroad. CSSA encourages all (especially newcoming) Chinese students and scholars in ASU to get involved in organizing CSSA events and to join our organization.

Sun Devil Support Circle

EOSS Employee Spotlight


Robyn Johnson-Bey, Coordinator
Cultural Connections
Advisor, Coalition of International Students

Robyn elevates the experiences of international and globally-minded domestic students at ASU. She oversees the Global Peer Mentor program which focuses on first-year international student support. In addition, she advances social, cultural, and international student engagement initiatives university-wide. She also provides support to the Coalition of International Students and member organizations. As a SafeZONE Facilitator, she emphasizes the importance of intersectionality within identities.

Robyn is an active member in the Staff Sustainability Council which promotes ASU's Zero Waste initiatives among faculty and staff.


Halie Cousineau, Program Coordinator, Sr
International Students & Scholars Center (ISSC)
Advisor, First Year Explorers Club & Southeast Asian American Students Association

Halie's centers the first-year international student experience at ASU. Through her salient efforts, she coordinates ISSC's prominent programs and events including the Learn Arizona Series, Success at ASU Conference, Coffee & Conversation, and much more. Moreover, her work is in alignment with international student advocacy initiatives. Alongside Robyn, she co-supervises the Global Peer Mentor program and developed the first-year international student resource Canvas course.

Halie co-chairs the Staff Sustainability Council and leads the annual Fashion Forward clothing donation drive.

Shabbir Akbari,, President
Erlang Liu,, Vice President
Chau Nguyen,, Treasurer

To connect with one of our member organizations, please log on to SunDevilSync.

  • African Students Association (AFSA)
  • Andaaz
  • Ascend
  • Association of International Media at ASU (A.I.M. at ASU)
  • Bangladesh Students' Association (BSA)
  • Brazilian Student Association at ASU
  • Bridge of Japan-America
  • Bridges International Graduate Students
  • Bridges International Undergrads
  • Caribbean Student Association
  • Chinese English Language Bridge (CELB)
  • Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA)
  • Club Italiano
  • Dabke United
  • Emirati Students Club
  • Ethiopian & Eritrean Student Association (EESA)
  • French Club
  • Friends of Internationals
  • Fulbright International Student Association at ASU
  • Fun-Fun Student Organization
  • German Devils
  • Global Council of Diplomats
  • Global Launch Student Club
  • Indian Students Association (ISA)
  • International Facility Management Association (IFMA)
  • International Students Club (ISC)
  • Iranian Students Association
  • Japanese Student Association (JSA)
  • Korean Students Association (KSA)
  • K-Pop Dance Evolution (KoDE)
  • Lebanese Student Association
  • Malaysian Students' Association (MySA)
  • Mexican Graduate Association for International Students at ASU
  • Muslim Students' Association
  • Nepalese Students Association
  • Omani Students Association
  • Palestine Cultural Club at ASU
  • Pakistani Students Association (PSA)
  • PERMIAS- Indonesian Student Association
  • Russian Language and Culture Society
  • Singapore Student Association (SSA)
  • Sponsored Students Advisory Committee (SADIK)
  • Sudanese American Association
  • Taiwanese International Student Association (TISA)
  • The English Corner
  • Turkish Student Association
  • Unified Society of South Asians (USSA)
  • Vietnamese Student Association at ASU (VSA)
  • Vietnamese Student Union (VSU)

Below is a list of resources gathered by this coalition that may be helpful to you as a student. Organizations or resources listed not affiliated with Arizona State University are not endorsed by the university.

  • International Students and Scholars Center
  • Gobal Peer Mentor Program
  • Culture@ASU

You are welcome here

Arizona State University is an institution measured by whom we include and how they succeed. If you feel you have been the victim of actions contrary to this principle, please connect with file a report with the appropriate resource.


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