Community of Care

Community of Care at ASU Video Series

As Sun Devils, we take care of ourselves, each other and our community.

ASU is committed to creating a thriving community where everyone is healthy, happy and safe. As part of this commitment, we require all members of our campus community to complete training designed to provide information on health and safety, our behavior expectations, and the resources available should you or someone you know need support.

The Community of Care: Welcome Sun Devils

Community of Care: Welcome Sun Devils is a series of videos that introduces you to the ASU community expectations and code of conduct. At ASU we offer support, care and resources to ensure your success, and at the same time, our ASU family insists on a standard for how you treat others and consider their well-being. To this end, we strongly encourage the completion of several educational trainings one of which is the Community of Care series. Community of Care is a series of videos created by students to outline our shared values, community expectations and code of conduct. It will take approximately 30 minutes of your time. The topics listed below are covered in the module, along with other information on health and safety at ASU:

  • “The Sun Devil Way”
  • ASU’s Code of Conduct
  • Safety and Inclusive Communities at ASU
  • ASU’s expectations of academic integrity
  • How to support members of the ASU community who may be struggling
  • Resources that are available to support you




What do I need to view the Community of Care modules for students?

  • A computer
  • Internet access
  • Your ASURITE ID and password
  • Approximately 30 minutes of your time to view all of the modules. You can log in and out as needed.

How can I view the Community of Care modules for students?

  • Go to canvas.asu.edu.
  • Log in with your ASURITE ID and password.
  • You should now be in Canvas.
  • On your Dashboard click on the link for “ASU Community of Care”
  • Once in the course, view the course content under each of the tabs on the left-hand side.
  • Take the final knowledge quiz.
  • If you do not see the link for ASU Community of Care on your dashboard, you can self-enroll here

As a reminder, The Community of Care: Welcome Sun Devils is required for all undergraduate, graduate, and transfer students who are new to ASU.

Will I have to take the Community of Care modules again?

ASU is committed to continuing education on all of the topics presented in these courses, so while you will not be required to take these particular modules again you can anticipate that there will be other educational offerings in the future. However, some student leadership and employment positions require these trainings and whether or not you have to take it again is up to the discretion of your supervisor. 

What if I’m having trouble taking the courses or have questions about the content?

If you have questions about the course, please contact communityofcare@asu.edu for assistance with the course. If you are having technical issues with Canvas try the “Need Help” module for resources and support or contact the Student Service Center.

Can parents, alumni and other members of the ASU community take it?

Any member of the ASU community with an active ASURITE and access to Canvas may enroll in the Community of Care course. Unfortunately, those without an ASURITE or Canvas access are not able to take the course at this time.

What if I do not see ASU Community of Care on my course list in Canvas?

You can self-enroll in the Community of Care course and the Community of Care: Coming to Campus course.

Where can I find all the resources mentioned during the videos?

Academic Integrity

Academic Success Programs

ASU Alert

ASU Counseling

ASU Health Services

ASU Police

ASU Wellness

Code of Conduct

Dean of Students Office

LiveSafe app

Sexual Violence Prevention at ASU

Sun Devil Fitness

Title IX