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Vision for Advisors

Club Advisors are experienced faculty and staff members who formally mentor student leaders and connect students who share similar passions and interests through a club experience.  Club Advisors serve as a bridge between the university and student organizations to create a cohesive and holistic experience both inside and outside of the classroom.  Club Advisors play an active role in guiding students in their pursuit of leadership development, connecting students to resources, and positively impact the overall well-being of the students they serve.


Why be a student organization advisor?

Advising student organizations can be very rewarding. It provides opportunities for both faculty and staff to interact with students in a different context. Advisors can have an important impact on student development and campus engagement, serve as a mentor to students, connect with university colleagues, and engage with students and organizations who may share similar passion and interests. 


What are the requirements of a primary advisor?

The Primary Club Advisor must serve ASU in the role of professor or lecturer with two years of experience at ASU (including: professor, associate professor, assistant professor, clinical professor, principal lecturer, senior lecturer, or lecturer) or as a staff member or ASU Enterprise Partner employee with at least three years of relevant student support experience.

Primary advisors partner with their student club to plan, and be present for safe and productive events. Please be sure to stay up to date with the university's event guidelines as they relate to the advisor and university official presence outlined in ”University Events & Protocol".


What are the requirements of a secondary advisor?

Secondary Club advisors may include faculty with less than two years of experience at ASU as well as the research ranks, instructors, graduate students, or staff members with less than three years of relevant experience.  They can offer additional guidance, in an area of their interest, to student members. 

Secondary advisors attend meetings and events when the primary advisor is unavailable to be present at them and/or as determined between the club officers, the primary advisor, and themselves.


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To express your interest in becoming an advisor, please contact your campus Student Organization office. Visit our Contact page!

Want to be one step ahead? Be sure to check out the Advisor training and complete the quiz with at least a 4/6 score.