Become an Advisor

Become an Advisor

What is a student organization advisor?

A student organization advisor is a full-time or part-time ASU faculty member, academic professional, or staff member that assists in supporting the co-curricular academic environment through advising, coaching, and mentoring student organization leaders and members. Advisors support student organizations in many ways, including the development of constructive programs, setting realistic goals, maintaining a constitution, and attending meetings and events when possible.

Why be a student organization advisor?

Advising student organizations can be very rewarding. It provides opportunities for both faculty and staff to interact with students in a different context. Advisors can have an important impact on students’ development and campus engagement, serve as a mentor to students, connect with university colleagues, and engage with students and organizations who may share your passion and interests.

All faculty members, administrative and professional staff are eligible to serve as student organization advisors.

If you are interested in serving as a student organization advisor at any of the following campuses, please contact:


Student Organization Advisor Handbook