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Student Accessibility and Inclusive Learning Services determines and facilitates accommodations for students with disabilities attending Arizona State University and those individuals who may be engaging in other ASU sponsored academic programs. 

A reasonable accommodation is an adjustment made to allow a student with a disability to have equal access to the program, course or activity. Accommodations in higher education are typically those adjustments that allow students to demonstrate their knowledge in a way that mitigates the impact of the student's disability. 

Accommodations are determined on a case by case, course by course basis through the use of an interactive process between the student, Student Accessibility staff, and other university partners as needed to make an accommodation determination. 

A current student who is enrolled at the university but not yet registered with Student Accessibility should start by completing a registration form and completing the intake process. Once a student is determined eligible for accommodations, they can access and request services at the online portal for students. 

Once a student has been made eligible for accommodations, they are responsible for requesting their accommodations for each course, each semester. 

Accommodations, how do I...

  1. Navigate to Student Login
  2. Sign-in using your ASU Access ID and password. 
  3. Select which courses you would like to receive accommodations
  4. Click “Continue to Customize Your Accommodations”
  5. Choose the accommodations needed for each individual course
  6. Click “Submit Accommodation Requests”

If you drop/withdraw from a class, Connect will automatically cancel your accommodation. If you no longer need ANY accommodations for a course, follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to Student Login
  2. Sign-in using your ASU Access ID and password. 
  3. Scroll down to the class you need to cancel the accommodations.
  4. Click “Click Cancel Request”.
  5. Choose the reason for cancellation from the drop down.
  6. Click “Cancel Accommodation Request”.

If you need to add an additional accommodation or cancel a specific accommodations for a course, you can modify requests below:

  1. Navigate to Student Login
  2. Sign-in using your ASU Access ID and password. 
  3. Scroll down to the class you need to modify accommodations.
  4. Click “Modify Request”.
  5. Click the checkbox beside the accommodation you wish to add or cancel for the course.
  6. Click “Update Request”.

Testing accommodations, how do I…

To ensure your accommodation needs are met, Student Accessibility students should schedule exams a minimum of three business days in advance and finals a minimum of 10 business days in advance. For more information please refer to the Timed Assessments Guideline.

  • Navigate to Student Login
  • Sign-in using your ASU Access ID and password. 
  • Select “Alternative Testing” from the My Accommodations list. 
  • SSelect the appropriate course from the drop down. 
  • Click “Schedule an Exam.”
  • Continue to complete the Exam Detail information.
  • If scheduling the exam at a different time/day than the course, you must have written permission from the instructor sent to 
  • Click “Add Exam Request”.

Your professor will submit a Testing Agreement that will outline what is allowed during an exam. Anything not included on that Testing Agreement will not be allowed without written permission from the instructor.

Alternative Format, how do I...

Per copyright laws, students are required to provide proof of purchase before Student Accessibility will release alternative formats to students. For additional information see the Alternative Format Guidelines

  1. Navigate to Student Login
  2. Sign-in using your ASURITE and password. 
  3. Select “Alternative Format” from the My Accommodations list
  4. Choose the appropriate semester on the gold bar across the top of the screen
  5. Scroll down to the UPLOAD BOOK RECEPT section
  6. Click “Choose File” to navigate to the electronic receipt
  7. Select the checkbox for the course that corresponds to the book receipt
  8. Add any notes needed
  9. Click “Upload Receipt”

After providing proof of purchase, follow the steps below to access your materials:

  1. Navigate to Student Login
  2. Sign-in using your ASURITE and password. 
  3. Select “Alternative Format” from the My Accommodations list
  4. Choose the appropriate semester on the gold bar across the top of the screen

Third Party Textbook instructions: If your book is available through a Third Party Vendor, ie. BookShare, the student will receive an email with step by step instructions for download

Alternative Format will convert required textbooks. If there are optional handouts or other material where conversions are needed for a course, the student should submit a request.

Communication access, how do I...

  1. Navigate to Student Login
  2. Sign-in using your ASURITE and password. 
  3. Select “Deaf and Hard of Hearing” from the My Accommodations list 
  4. Select the “Custom Requests” link in the top right corner
  5. Select the Green Box “Schedule Custom Request”
  6. Click “Continue to Specify Custom Request” 
  7. Complete the form with as many details as possible
  8. Click “Submit Custom Request”
  • Communicate with the Interpreter or CART provider about how you prefer to communicate with the instructor and other students in class.
  • Remember the equipment the CART provider uses is their personal equipment. Do not handle equipment unless the CART provider asks you to help.
  • Copy diagrams from the board or PowerPoints. The CART provider cannot get this kind of information into the notes; it is your responsibility.
  • Check the spelling of all new vocabulary words. The correct spelling is your responsibility.
  • If you don't understand something in class, ask the professor to clarify it, not the Interpreter or CART provider. They are not tutors or teaching assistants.
  • Talk to your Accessibility Consultant about any problems with communication access in class or with notes. Do not let problems continue.
  • CART providers will edit the lecture transcripts and the transcript will be emailed to you normally within two business days.

Notetaking (depending on individual eligibility), how do I…

  1. Accessibility Consultant will email the faculty notification letter to your instructor and explain the need for their help in recruiting a note-taker with their class.
  2. The instructor will make an announcement in class and/or send an email to the class soliciting a volunteer note-taker. This message should NOT mention you by name. 
  3. Once someone expresses interest to the instructor, the instructor will direct the volunteer to Connect where they can sign up as a notetaker.
  4. It is highly recommended that you communicate with the note-taker to establish how often notes will be exchanged (typically by the following class period) and the method for receiving the notes (e.g. emailed Word document, uploaded through Connect, or other).
  5. In order for the note-taker to receive their $25 per credit hour stipend (or certificate of volunteering), the note-taker must follow note-taker instructions.
  6. Inform your assigned Accessibility Consultant if you (1) can’t find a note-taker, (2) the note-taker is not fulfilling their duties or (3) you no longer need the assistance.
  7. Complete the invoice at the end of the semester to ensure your notetaker receives appropriate compensation. Timely completion of the invoice is also essential in ensuring students are able to secure quality notetakers in the future.
  • Navigate to Student Login
  • Sign-in using your ASURITE and password. 
  • Select the Notetaking link from the column on the left side of the page
  • Select the course you would like to get notes.
  • Select the week of notes you want to download, then click download.

Students are also responsible for signing notetaker invoices to verify receipt of notes prior to notetakers being paid. Notetaking invoices are available for verification three to four weeks before the end of the semester.

  1. Go to the Student Access website
  2. Select the class.
  3. Rate the notetaker.
  4. Type your name.
  5. Select “Submit Your Invoice.”
  6. Repeat for each course.
  1. Let your instructor know you’ll be using an audio recorder/Sonocent/etc. You may need to provide proof of the accommodation. If so, provide the Faculty Notification Letter confirming the approval. If the instructor has further concerns, refer them to your Accessibility Consultant.
  2. Consider placing yourself or the recorder near the front for better audio quality.
  3. After you no longer need the recording, delete it from your device.

Additional information, how do I...

If you are living in or interested in living in University Housing and need disability related accommodations, contact your Accessibility Consultant to receive information about the process.

If you have received disability related accommodations in University Housing in the past and wish to continue to receive them into the next academic year, contact your Accessibility Consultant so they can submit those accommodations. This should be done as soon as possible in order to ensure space and availability.

Students who have received approval for an Emotional Support Animal must also renew this request for the next academic year.

DART Services are provided through a co-sponsorship between ASU Parking and Transit Services and Student Accessibility and Inclusive Learning Services.

On-campus transportation is available to students, faculty, staff and guests of the University with permanent or temporary physical disabilities. Rides are provided to and from Residence Halls, designated parking areas and most campus buildings.

The service is operated as a "scheduled ride" system and is available Monday through Friday:

Tempe: from 7:10 a.m. until 6:45 p.m.
Downtown, Polytechnic and West: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

DART Tempe: 480-965-3055
DART for all other campuses: 480-965-1234

Both in-person and Zoom options are available to register and schedule rides.

  • Review and sign DART Guidelines acknowledgement form
  • Complete the DART Services application form ensuring all of the information is accurate. Your doctor’s full name must be used and the FAX number must be related to the location where you were seen. No doctor phone numbers, please.
  • Complete the top portion of the Medical Need Verification form and fill in ONLY the highlighted lines. Your Medical Need Verification form must be completed accurately! If you were treated at ASU Health Services, those locations have our Medical Need Verification form. Ask them to complete the form and fax it to DART.

Student Accessibility encourages all students to research and apply for scholarship and internship opportunities as appropriate. 

Please visit ASU’s Scholarship website, to learn about available scholarships. When you arrive at this site, under the heading Scholarship Search Filters, search available Student Accessibility scholarships by typing in "disability" in the Keyword box, located at the bottom of the page.

Available scholarship include:
Andrew and Florence Brown Scholarship
Ethelmae S. Merriam Scholarship
Jacob's Personal Challenge
John B. Jardine IV Scholarship
Julie Sargent Memorial Scholarship
Kelly Gold Memorial Scholarship
Richard T. Dalton Scholarship
Steven & Mary Rosenfield Scholarship

In addition to utilizing Career and Professional Development Services to assist in identifying internships and jobs, students can also engage in the Workforce Recruitment Program 

Current, full-time undergraduate or graduate students with disabilities, and recent graduates who received a postsecondary degree on or after April 1, 2019 from a U.S. accredited college or university, are eligible to apply for WRP in fall 2021. Candidates must be U.S. citizens who are eligible for the federal Schedule A Hiring Authority.

The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars (Deadline: Open until filled)

The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars is an independent, nonprofit organization serving hundreds of colleges and universities in the United States and other countries by providing selected students challenging opportunities to work and learn in Washington, D.C. for academic credit. The largest program of its kind, The Washington Center has 70 full-time staff and over 40,000 alumni, many of whom are in leadership positions in the public, private and nonprofit sectors in the United States and around the world.

If you have any questions please call our office at 480-965-1234 or email us at