Student Accessibility and Inclusive Learning Services is where eligibility for services and accommodations are established for qualified students with disabilities. For your convenience, there is a Student Accessibility office located on each of the four ASU campuses. Students with disabilities are encouraged to visit Student Accessibility on their particular campus and make the center an integral part of their educational experience.

Providing the support you need

This web site contains targeted information, links to other valuable ASU programs and services, and critical support for a successful academic experience. Student Accessibility invites students to explore resources, ask questions, visit with staff and utilize the programs and services designed to support their academic, career and life goals.

Most students take classes on multiple campuses, and we encourage students to become familiar with each campus Student Accessibility office where they are taking classes. Many accommodations are time sensitive and thus it is crucial that appropriate accommodations be arranged by the student within established timeframes to ensure availability in each setting.

Diversity Statement

Disability impacts all people regardless of race, ethnicity, culture, religion, or gender. Therefore, the staff of ASU Student Accessibility and Inclusive Learning Services supports an environment in which the diversity and variety of human experiences are respected and appreciated. We recognize and value the unique history of each student and are committed to meeting the needs and providing a safe and welcoming atmosphere sensitive to the needs of all students.


701–01 Student Accessibility and Inclusive Learning Services-General Policy
701–02 Eligibility for Accommodations-Required Disability Documentation 
701–03 Accommodations for Students with Disabilities
701–04 Course Substitution
701–05 On-Campus Transportation for Individuals with Disabilities
701–06 Service Animals on ASU’s Campuses
701–07 Therapy and Emotional Support Animals in University/Campus Housing
701–08 Responsibilities of Individuals with Service, Therapy, or Emotional Support Animals on Campus and Exclusions from Campus
701–09 Grievance Policy
701–10: Accommodations and Services for Pregnant Students

Student Accessibility Guidelines