Community resources

Community groups and organizations

There are several community groups and organizations who can help undocumented and DACA-mented students get the support and guidance they need, whether those be advocacy groups, health resources or legal aid.

Community groups

The Puente Human Rights Movement is a grassroots migrant justice organization based in Phoenix, Arizona that develops, educates and empowers migrant communities to protect and defend themselves and their families.

Aliento is a community organization that is undocumented- and youth-led invested in the well being, emotional healing and leadership development of those impacted by the inequalities of lacking an immigration status.

Informed Immigrant is a source of collective immigrant-serving organizations, lawyers, technologists and allies dedicated to helping the undocumented immigrant community. 

United We Dream aims to address the inequities and obstacles faced by immigrant youth and to develop a sustainable, grassroots movement, led by immigrant youth, documented and undocumented, and children of immigrants.

My Undocumented Life provides up-to-date information and resources to undocumented immigrants.

Immigrants Rising provides legal intake services, scholarships as well as additional resources that enable undocumented students to achieve their educational and career goals. 

Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA) is a membership-led, grassroots organization that builds power with Arizona‚Äôs working families to advance social, racial and economic justice for all. 

Health resources

DACA students are not required by federal law to buy insurance and due to financial circumstances might find accessing medical care difficult.

The ASU Bridge Plan and Neighborhood Outreach Access to Health are just two options students can pursue for access to medical care.

Other organizations that offer healthcare resources include Planned Parenthood and the Mountain Park Health Center

Legal aid

The Arizona Legal Center offers free legal consultations, advice, and guidance on immigration issues through its Immigration Services Project.

The American Civil Liberties Union offers a Deportation Preparedness Kit. Similarly, The Florence Project offers advice on making a family plan if you were to be picked up by ICE in Arizona.

The Immigration Legal Resource Center has a searchable database with advice and tools including a Red Immigration Card and a Family Protection Plan.

The general information provided on this site is not legal advice. Please consult with an immigration lawyer if you require advice regarding your specific immigration situation.