Want to get involved in wellness programs, education and/or advocacy? ASU Wellness invites you to join a student organization, become a peer educator, serve as an intern or complete a training program. It is a great way to meet new people, learn about wellness, enhance your leadership skills and build your resume - among other things. Sun Devils are Well Devils and Well Devils are involved member of the ASU community!

For more information about the student organizations, peer education programs, training and leadership opportunities listed below, email wellness@asu.edu.


Student Organizations

ASU Well Devil Coalition (WDC): a university-wide, student wellness group that brings together students and organizations as partners to create a healthier environment for students through awareness, education and as change agents. The goal is to help students lead healthy lives and to position ASU as a healthy university where students can reach their academic, personal and professional goals.

Asexuals of Arizona: a group of students who identify in the asexual spectrum (asexual, graysexual, demisexual, etc.) whose goal is to raise awareness about asexuality- its definition, existence and social justice issues in the community.

ASK. LISTEN. SAVE.: advocates for suicide prevention and provides education in ASU classrooms and the community. The primary focus is planning the annual Out of the Darkness Walk to raise funds for suicide prevention. For more information, email ask.listen.saveasu@gmail.com

Bedsider ASU: provides free and accurate contraceptive information to ASU students. Bedsider ASU is part of a national organization that aims to expand contraceptive education to individuals.

The Bicycle Coalition: provides bicycle education, planning and advocacy at the ASU Tempe.

DPC AWARE: educates, prevents and advocates for common wellness issues that affect ASU students at the Downtown Phoenix location. For more information, email dpcawareasu@gmail.com

The Health and Counseling Student Action Committee (HCSAC): serves as the student voice for health issues around ASU Tempe and the community.

Sexual Wellness Week: educates students and fosters awareness about sexual violence and consent, sexual health, healthy relationships and the intersectionality of race, ethnicity and sexual orientation.

The Sun Devil AIDS Walk Team: the ASU team for the Aunt Rita Foundation's annual AIDS Walk and provides HIV/AIDs outreach to the community.


Peer Education Programs

Bicycle Peer Educators: ASU Wellness has a bicycle peer education program to teach students how to use their bicycle as a means of transportation as part of an active lifestyle. Students tend to learn better from peers and peer educators gain valuable leadership skills. If you are interested in helping classmates increase their mobility and create a culture of wellness at ASU, then get involved!

Devils in the Bedroom: sexual wellness peer educators who are trained to provide information, education and support to the ASU community about sexual health and wellness in a sex-positive manner with a strong emphasis on sexual assault prevention. For more information, email devilsinthebedroom@gmail.com or visit Devils in the Bedroom Sexual Health Peer Education Program.

Well Devil Ambassadors (WDAs): peer educators living in the residential colleges who are trained to provide information, education and support to ASU students living on campus.


Training and Leadership Opportunities

The Red Watch Band Program: provides training to equip students with the knowledge, awareness and skills to prevent alcohol poisoning and promote a culture of kindness, responsibility, compassion and respect.contact wellness@asu.edu to find out the next Red Watch Band Training

Sexual Wellness Training: Sexual wellness trainings provide participants with information to help envision a sexually healthy ASU community, free from sexual violence. Email devilsinthebedroom@gmail.com for more information.

StepUp! Be a Leader, Make a Difference: educates students to be active participants in helping others to reduce risk and prevent harm. Attend this training to learn how to step up when others are in need or become a Set Up trainer.

Traffic Skills 101: Did you know that riding a bicycle to class instead of driving a car can help you save money on a parking space, gas and car insurance? ASU is a gold-level Bicycle Friendly University and ASU Wellness provides free training on bicycle safety through this League of American Bicyclists class. For more information, visit ASU Wellness Wheel Devils.

Sun Devil Support Network (SDSN): a peer advocate network for students who have experienced sexual violence. Advisors in SDSN are members of the ASU community trained to work with survivors of sexual misconduct on a variety of fronts. An advisor can provide support and information about legal, medical, and psychological resources available on and off campus. For more information, email sdsn@asu.edu or go to eoss.asu.edu/sdsn.

For more information about the student organizations, peer education programs, training and leadership opportunities listed above, email wellness@asu.edu.