Devils in the Bedroom is a student organization consisting of ASU Wellness Sexual Wellness Peer Educators. Members are trained in sex-positive education, principles and standards of practice for health promotion in higher education and diversity.


To provide baseline information, education and resources to the ASU community about sexual health and wellness in a sex-positive manner with a strong emphasis on sexual assault prevention.


  1. Increase STI/HIV testing
  2. Increase communication about sexual boundaries, barrier use, and STI status before, during and after sexual experiences
  3. Increase the correct use of barriers including male condoms, female condoms, oral dams and/or gloves during sexual experiences
  4. Increase active bystander behavior
  5. Decrease non-consensual sexual experiences (in conjunction with SVPE program)
  6. Decrease sexual experiences including alcohol
  7. Decrease the number of sexual assaults

Sexual Violence Prevention Objectives:

  1. Increase awareness about sexual violence at ASU
  2. Promote attitude changes and debunk cultural myths surrounding sexual assault
  3. Educate students about the importance of consent in sexual encounters
  4. Encourage healthy decision making among students regarding alcohol use and sexual activity
  5. Educate students about the importance of active bystanders in sexual assault prevention
  6. Equip students with healthy attitudes, behavioral norms, and communication skills for creating and maintaining healthy relationships

Programs and Services:

  1. Provide weekly information tables in various places on campus including in front of the MU as well as in public areas in residential neighborhoods.
  2. Participate in sexual wellness related events coordinated by other ASU organizations, such as World AIDS Day.
  3. Coordinate educational events.
  4. Provide educational information on the organizations Facebook page. Respond to posts by “friends” in a responsible and timely manner.
  5. Provide information about on and off campus sexual health resources to the ASU community.
  6. Create or collaborate with ASU Wellness on the creation of sexual health educational products.
  7. Others as decided.
  8. Collaborate with student organization and Residential Life to plan and implement programs related to sexual violence prevention and education.

Program Expectations:

  1. Complete a Devils in the Bedroom Peer Educator Training
  2. Attend weekly staff meetings
  3. Contribute 2-3 hours a week doing the programs and services listed above
  4. Respond to email, text messages and phone calls within a 24-hour time frame
  5. Represent ASU Wellness and Arizona State University in a positive and respectful manner at all times
  6. If you are unable to meet expectations 1-4, please discuss with the organization advisors to discuss alternative avenues of participation