Week 8: Overall Experience of Commit to be Fit Program



Tempe Campus

I am writing this after I ran for 2 miles straight on the treadmill. When I first started this program, I could barely run 1 mile without wanting to quit halfway through. I credit this program for really opening my eyes to what my body can do, and for giving me an "excuse" to get active. Before the program, I was only working out maybe once or twice a week, if that. During the program, I worked out usually about 4 times a week. Read More

Overall, the one thing I am really excited about isn't a number: it's not how much weight I've lost in the past few months, or how many miles I can run, or even how many times a week I exercise. It's my change in attitude: I am finally taking care of myself, and it shows from the inside out. I have become excited to work out or cook myself food, which makes all the difference in the world. I hope to maintain this positive attitude throughout the semester and the years to come.



Polytechnic Campus

For our final post, I feel that I must write how disappointed I was by most of this program. I learned a lot about working out from my fitness instructor who did a wonderful job. But, I felt completely alienated from the program in part because I am at Poly. But, more importantly, this program would benefit from making human interaction especially amongst the participants an elemental goal. I felt like I was enrolled in a self-paced on-line course. I worked out everyday and sometimes twice a day, but my active workout schedule came from my own personal motivation. I would have liked to have met all of you at the start of our journey rather than depending on a very dry and uninspiring blog. Good luck to all in the future.



Tempe Campus

This Commit to Be Fit (CTBF) experience has been an enlightening journey. Let me start off by simply saying "thanks" again to all of the staff at the ASU fitness center and in the CTBF program for selecting me to participate! Most importantly, I want to thank my individual coach who has inspired me to change from exercising just one day a week (if that) to exercising three days per week (for 1 to 1.5 hours) at the fitness center plus one or two additional days away from the gym. I have learned new exercises that challenge me and allow me to remain excited about exercising.
I am particularly excited by my new "hobby" of indoor rowing for fitness, and hope that in the next year I can break some of the records that are posted on the web site of the manufacturer that makes the ASU fitness center's rowers. Read More

In the meantime, I will continue to celebrate my achievements for the last two months. These include: being able to fit in one smaller size of clothing, enhancing my strength through weight training (as an example, I could only leg press 70 lbs in week 1 and now leg press 170 lbs), and eliminating my heavy breathing while simply walking up a set of stairs! I have made exercising a priority, equivalent to the other high priority activities that I undertake. This change in mindset has done wonders for balancing my life. I feel great and look forward to even more progress as I continue to set and meet new, specific goals for my health.



Downtown Campus

I can't believe the 8 weeks is done. It went by so fast for me. I am going to miss having a personal trainer. My trainer was very encouraging. I would have to say the personal training sessions were the most impactful because it kept me accountable. Also having to take a meditation class was very interesting and helpful. I feel like the Commit to Fit program helped me connect to the Downtown Center more and learn about the various resources that it provides to its student body. I plan to continue attending nutrition classes and going to group classes, I had a lot of fun and learned a lot. I am glad to know that if I want to continue personal training, the SDFC also provides that as an option. I feel very fortunate to have been a part of the Commit to Fit program and I plan to take everything I learned with me to continue reaching my goals.


Biz Gal

Tempe Campus

I have really enjoyed being a part of the Commit to be Fit program. I feel like I am doing better at finding some balance in my life and getting exercise into my schedule. I have pretty much given up sugary snacks and only miss them sometimes. I feel like my upper body is getting more defined and I know my arms are more toned. Even though I was not trying to lose weight, it appears that some has come off and I am about 5 pounds lighter than I was when starting the program.



Downtown Campus

One of the most beneficial components of the program was my personal trainer. My trainer’s workouts were challenging, fun and taught me a lot of great exercise circuits that I can incorporate in my workouts long after the program. My trainer was motivating, each week she would check in with me mid-week to ensure I was working out sufficiently to reach my short-term goal, which was a running event earlier this month. It was also motivating to keep up with my own workouts outside of our training sessions just so I can keep up with her workouts! Having a consistent motivator/trainer to support your goals throughout each week of the program was definitely the most impactful on the results I have achieved. Read More

I feel I now have the skills and dedication to maintaining a healthier lifestyle that were lacking a few months ago. I am going to try very hard to stick to the program and keep up eating more fruits and vegetables, doing more weight baring exercise, and keeping my work/life balance in better check. I am very thankful for the opportunity and I would recommend that anyone thinking of it apply to this program the next time it is available. As a staff member at ASU, I have been very honored and encouraged by the students who are working as coaches and instructors in the program and it makes me proud to be a Sun Devil!



Tempe Campus

Wow, I can't believe this is the last week of Commit to be Fit. These 8 weeks have gone by fast, but they've been great. I had my last workout with my coach today, and I thought it went well. My coach and I have really been focusing on building muscle and getting lean. I definitely feel like I have gotten stronger, which is a great feeling. I think one of my favorite things though is how I feel about going to the gym. I used to, for the most part, dread going to the gym, especially if it was to weight lift. Read More

Now I actually get excited about going! I still have more weight to lose, but I feel like the things my coach has taught me well help me reach all of my other goals if I am dedicated even after the program is over. I've been to cooking classes, nutrition classes, meditation (which was very interesting!), ran sprints, and weight lifted a ton. I think my diet has gotten better, but I still want to improve on it, so my coach has given me some last minute advice on that, so I'm excited to keep working on that. Overall it's been a fantastic experience. I still have to keep working to be at my desired overall fitness level, but most importantly I have learned the tools that will help me be successful in that! Can't wait to see what the future holds.



Downtown Campus

I am sad to know the program is coming to an end; although, I do have the confidence in myself to apply everything I have learned with my trainer, coach, and health classes. What I have learned most is that in order to lose weight, you HAVE to get your heart rate up. Also, I have learned that myfitnesspal.com is a lot more beneficial that you would ever think, it helps me with keeping myself accountable. Stay consistent, believe in yourself, and do not be too easy on yourself. Thank you for reading my blogs this semester and I hope I have been inspirational to you. Best of luck, with your journey of holistic healthy living.



Tempe Campus

My experience with the Commit to Be Fit program the past 8 weeks has been great!! I have lost over 15 pounds and more importantly the strength training I have been doing with my trainer has made simple tasks, like bending over and yard work, so much easier. I feel so much stronger and have enjoyed working really hard with my trainer at every session. I will be sad that the challenge is over, but I am going to keep up with my workouts and I have made a new friend who can also help me in the future! Thanks, ASU!



Tempe Campus

Overall, I really enjoyed my commit to be fit experience. I have learned a lot of different strength training. In the past I mainly focused on cardio because I was comfortable with it and I knew how to do it.
Now, I know the importance of combining strength training with cardio and I know the proper technique to do so. The difference from the beginning until now is my confidence using weights and stepping out of my comfort zone.



Tempe Campus

I am so sad to see the Commit to be Fit program come to an end. As I reflect back on my experience I am so thankful to have had this opportunity! Although I did not have drastic results, I have seen improvement. The staff and my Coach have been so supportive! I could not have done this without them.
My Coach has so much positive energy throughout this journey. I am happy to have met him and we talk about still working out together. He has always pushed me and encouraged me to keep going. We have had some work outs that were tough! However I have always managed to do what he has asked of me, which was a total surprise. Even he said he was impressed that I kept a good attitude and was able to do all of the exercises without quitting. Overall, I am so much more confident in the gym. At first, I was so intimidated by the work out machines and all of the toned lil' bodies running around in there. Read More

Now I am totally fine going in there and doing my thing. I have a couple of different things I like doing that make up my routine. My strength has also improved. The weight I have worked out with has increased. My eating habits have been the most challenging. I am still not where I should be. I felt I started out really strong and slipped about mid way through the program. I am trying to regain that success, but I am feeling good!

The work/life balance has somewhat improved as well. My sleep schedule has gotten better, but I'm not going to bed as early as I would like to. I was able to take some time off and enjoyed a long weekend with my boyfriend which was nice since he lives 2 1/2 hours away. It is nice to understand that the building will be fine when I'm out of the office. Church has been great since I was able to find one that I really enjoy. The music is fantastic! It is a place that brings me peace and helps me reflect on my blessings and challenges me to be a better person.

I cannot say thank you enough for this opportunity! This experience has changed me for good. I know that healthy living needs to be a priority and that above all I need to make these changes for me.



Downtown Campus

The most beneficial parts for me were having a trainer and the support from Leia and the other participants. I didn't feel alone in this process and I now have a firm foundation. The challenge for me now is consistency, so I will have to go back to all the material I have compiled over the last few months on a weekly basis. Thank you again for this opportunity and experience.



Tempe Campus

Since the beginning of Commit to Be Fit, exercising has become a daily part of my life. Some days it is more structured, like meeting with my trainer or going to a Devil-X class, and other days it is all about living a healthy lifestyle, like taking a bike ride after class or going for a walk with friends. In high school I was a three season athlete and exercising was never a problem because I had a coach telling me what to do everyday at practice. Now that I am back in the groove of working out everyday on my own terms, I could not imagine not doing so. It makes me feel so much better and healthier. I definitely accomplished my biggest goal of learning how to exercise different muscles and become more muscular overall. I wanted to do something more than running on a treadmill when going to the gym! I feel much more confident about how to lift weights and get in a good work out. Commit to Be Fit has been such a rewarding program and I could not be more thankful for haven been chosen. It has been a great way to start the school year!



Downtown Campus

Time sure does fly!! I can't believe the program is at the end of its road, but I have learned a lot and benefited so much from this program! I loved attending the Devil X classes and getting my Zumba on every week! I learned new workout techniques from my personal trainer, who I would say was quite a lovely person! Attending the nutrition classes and trainings has taught me that I can stay active while balancing school and social aspects. I hope after this program, I continue to work out every day and improve my overall health



Tempe Campus

Hello All
I’ll experience with me to be fit has been amazing. My team trainers are knowledgeable helpful and never make me worry about asking them a question. Since training with them I have been able to go into the weight room and confidently use the equipment. The classes I took are really good and I learned some useful information that I will take with me throughout my life.
One thing I love and I will continue even after commit because it is the Devil X classes. These classes have been helpful and make me have a commitment to be somewhere as well. Since starting commit to be fit I have lost around 10 pounds but has had seen a noticeable difference in my body tone. I’m able to fit into clothes that I have considered my “skinny clothes” that I would fit into once I got it. Read More

My overall confidence has skyrocketed and I feel comfortable in my body and whenever I workout. This experience has been such a great one, even though sometimes I was stressed to find time for both my classes and commit to be fit I would still do it again.
I said before one of the greatest things that has happened is I truly feel comfortable and confident in myself whether it be in life, the gym, or anywhere. Thank you all for taking this journey me and hearing about my experience. For the last time,



Downtown Campus

It has been a whirlwind 8 weeks! I was reflecting on the experience and I initially was thinking that it would have been great to plan ahead to start a comprehensive program like this so I was not so overcommitted with work and school. However, I realized that there is no perfect time to start and that activity can happen anytime, anywhere! The program came at an excellent time when my life was really off balance with family, work, and school responsibilities. I feel centered again and am the strongest that I have been in recent memory! People have noticed the change (physical and mental). Read More

I am honored to tell them about ASU’s Commit to Be Fit Program! The benefits were having a trainer that was very mindful and encouraging, but not pushy; using the Fitbit pedometer to track sleep, steps and stairs climbed (I was able to reach goals on a daily basis – my small victories); learning that I could eat healthy fats in lieu of the dreaded carbs and it would not cause me to gain weight. I feared eating that for years for no logical reason. I just saw the fat content and stayed clear. What was I thinking?! Little did I know that my screen name would take on much more meaning over the last few weeks? Instead of setting lofty goals, I set small ones that I achieved and then set new ones and then suddenly, I was stronger, more fit, and leaner/healthier! I will now keep up my new habits. I never want to go back to how I felt when I started the program. The small victories really do matter.

Health is a journey! I am grateful for the experience! Thank you!



Tempe Campus

My overall experience of journey with Commit to be Fit has been really good. I enjoyed working out with my trainer every week. I could see results of me becoming a little strong. My fear to approach the weights have gotten less. Now have a better understanding on things I can do on my own. I appreciate this opportunity and will continue to be as healthy as I can each day.



Tempe Campus

As the commit to be fit program comes to an end it is time for me to reflect on this journey I was blessed to be apart of. Although there were struggles along the way, there have been many more successes. I could not thank my coach enough, if it were not for him I would not be where I am today. During the program I began having a lot of knee pain as a tried to begin running on a more regular basis. My coach worked around these pains and now I can actually run pain free! Over the course of the eight weeks I lost a total of... drum roll please.... 8 POUNDS!! That means I am only 5lbs away from my goal weight. I could not be more happy about this. But more importantly I feel good about myself again. I am confident in the way I look and the strength I have gained. I know that after this program I will continue to live a healthy lifestyle. The best feeling though, is knowing that if weeks or even months down the road I begin to struggle I can always text my coach and he will send some encouraging tips back my way. I couldn't be happier with this program and am so blessed I was chosen as a participant.



Downtown Campus

Overall, I really enjoyed the program. I did not accomplish my goals but I was able to see differences on my body. It takes a lot of work and dedication to commit to something like this. I am really happy that I can work out by myself. I learned different exercises from my trainer. Now, I have to make sure I keep up with going to the gym. It was a good experience because I was pushed a lot by my trainer and I know what I am able to accomplish. I am thankful for this opportunity and I would really recommend signing up for it!