Supported by the Arizona Board of Regents and the ASU Financial Aid Office.

The ASU Upward Bound (UB) Regents' Scholarship provides financial assistance so that economic limitations will not keep capable students from pursuing their dreams. Mentoring is also provided to ensure academic success and, above all, increase degree attainment.
DEADLINE: March 1st of each year
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  1. An Upward Bound graduate in good program standing OR is on track towards graduating in good standing.
  2. An Arizona Resident.
  3. Registered as a full-time ASU undergraduate student for Fall semester (12 hours minimum) OR Spring semester (12 hours minimum).
  4. Demonstrate financial need (as determined by the ASU Student Financial Assistance Office).
  5. If you’re an ASU Upward bound Senior student, you must have intent to graduate high school and enroll at ASU the following semester after graduation.
  6. High school students must submit their FAFSA and have a complete ASU admissions application on file (application, test scores, transcripts and application fee) by March 1st.
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What will the Upward Bound Regents’ Scholarship cover?

This scholarship is an ASU cash award based on your financial need. The offered amount is based on full-time enrollment and will be divided equally between fall and spring semesters. However, if your award is for one term (semester) only, the offered amount is for that term only. In addition, this scholarship may be renewed based upon fulfillment of monthly scholarship renewal activities, GPA, full-time credit hours, and availability of scholarship funds.


When and how will the awards be made?

Review of applications will be finalized the last week of March for all applications. Applicants will then receive written electronic notification of their status once the ASU Financial Aid Office approves recommendations any time before the fall semester.

Please note that for current scholarship recipients, consideration for renewal will automatically occur when the Upward Bound Regents’ Scholarship Renewal Form has been turned in by March 1st. Also, renewal will be finalized hen semester grades are posted and when ASU Financial Aid Office approves the recommendations anytime before the fall semester. Recipients will then receive written electronic notification of their status.

The awarding of this scholarship is based upon academic performance, program performance, financial eed, and other discretionary criteria. Upward Bound reserves the right to evaluate any extenuating circumstances and award/reject accordingly.